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What version of Bixby do I have?

Two phones with running different versions of Bixby

Just like all apps, Bixby gets updated regularly. But every once in a while, your phone will receive a big update that makes a lot of changes. For example, the One UI version of Bixby looks very different from the Oreo version. If you are unsure what version of Bixby you have, don't worry - it's super easy to check.

Bixby Home

No matter what software version you have, Bixby Home is your phone's hub for practically everything. But if needed, you can figure out what version you have just by taking a quick look.

On One UI

Bixby Home on One UI got a complete makeover from the original version. The background is entirely black, and the cards' color are more subtle.

Other than some features that were discontinued, this version has most of the same Bixby Home features that you know and love. 

Bixby Home on One UI

On Oreo OS

The original Bixby Home for Oreo phones has a white background with very bright and vibrant cards. On top of this, Bixby Home is where a lot of Bixby Voice settings can be accessed.

It will also have some other features, such as My Bixby and Bixby Labs, that are not available on the One UI version.

Bixby Home on Oreo

Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice is the heart and soul of Bixby. It's what lets you interact with and give commands to Bixby. While they both do the same thing, Bixby Voice is a little different depending on what version you have.

On One UI

When you hold down the Bixby Key on a One UI phone, the screen will dim and a Bixby icon will appear at the top of the screen.

Also, if you press the Bixby button once, Bixby Assistant Home will open up. This app is completely dedicated to Bixby Voice. You'll be able to adjust its settings, see different voice commands, and much more. 

Bixby Voice on One UI

On Oreo OS

On the Oreo version of Bixby, a little popup appears whenever you press and hold the Bixby key. You'll see a Bixby icon and a message near the bottom of the screen. There will also be an option to to tap Great or Teach me.

The Oreo version of Bixby does not have Bixby Assistant Home. Most of its settings can be accessed through the regular Bixby Home.

Bixby Voice on Oreo

Bixby Vision

Bixby Vision is built right into your phone's app, like Camera. It lets you identify landmarks, translate languages, and much more by analyzing what it sees. However, the Bixby Vision app may look different based on what phone model you have.

On Oreo and One UI phones

Unless it hasn't been updated in a really long time, Bixby Vision should be the same on most Oreo and One UI ones.

You'll see small icons at the bottom of the page, such as Makeup or Image. You'll need to select the different lenses to have Bixby perform different actions.

Bixby Vision on Oreo

On the S10

The S10 has its very own special version of Bixby Vision. You won't see any icons at the bottom of the screen. Instead, you will see an option for Lens or Apps.

When Lens is selected, this version of Bixby Vision will automatically pull up its different features (Shopping, etc.) based on the object being viewed. If you select Apps, you'll have access to unique Bixby apps, such as Home decor or Styling.

Bixby Vision on S10

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