Precautions with Samsung devices and Dual USB Type-C adapter

Note20 with dual usb-c adapter

As the number of smartphones with USB Type-C headphones increases, some users may be tempted to use a Dual USB Type-C adapter to charge their phone or tablet. However, we strongly recommend against using this type of adapter to listen to music while charging your device. Please review our precautions and tips to avoid damaging your devices.

Important tips to keep in mind

Note: Be sure to check the safety and performance of products before purchasing or using other manufacturer’s accessories. 

There are several reasons to avoid using a Dual USB Type-C adapter with your devices:

  • Dual adapters may overheat, cause audio issues, or cause damage to the headphones, phone, or tablet. Make sure you are using a USB Type-C cable or single type adapter with your phone or tablet.

  • Dual adapters that don’t meet the USB standard are especially likely to cause device defects.

  • Headphones may not work properly when charging with a dual adapter.

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