Use the TalkBack options on your Galaxy phone

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If you are visually impaired and require extra aid when navigating your phone, activate the TalkBack feature. It will describe everything you do on your phone including what you select while browsing the web, sending text messages, or taking photos. If you use a certain app frequently, it will let you know what to do based on your past actions and usage patterns.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

Use TalkBack and all of its features

Set up Voice Assistant for yourself or a friend to access the spoken functions. There are a variety of volume and speech settings that can be tweaked for your own personalized experience.

To locate Screen Reader, navigate to Settings and then swipe to and tap Accessibility. Tap TalkBack, and then tap the switch at the top of the screen. Review the information, and then tap Allow to activate. Follow the tutorial for an interactive explanation of the features.

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To acess TalkBack's settings and features, tap Settings on the main TalkBack screen for a list of all available features.


  • Text-to-speech settings: Choose your preferred engine for text, which will allow for more language options. You can also adjust the speech rate and pitch with the sliders.

  • Verbosity: Tap to enable extra wording options such as Punctuation and Capital letters, or to ask Voice Assistant to read details, like the number of items in a list.

  • Speak passwords: Each character will be read aloud when entering a password. Use headphones to ensure your passwords are not overheard.

  • Sound feedback: You can choose to match the spoken volume, or change it to 25%, 50%, or 75% to suit your preferences.

  • Sound feedback volume: Adjust the speech volume of sound feedback.

  • Audio ducking: Decrease other audio volume while speaking.

  • Vibration feedback: Tap this option to make your phone vibrate during speech


  • Customize gestures: Adjust and customize different gestures for the Reading menu so it's easier for you to use. There are many options to choose from.

  • Customize menus: Adjust and customize the TalkBack menu or the Reading menu to show your desired options.

  • Help and feedback

    • TalkBack tutorial: Revisit the initial tutorial to learn how to use TalkBack's different features.

    • Open TalkBack in the Galaxy Store: Open TalkBack to see its app details or update it through the Galaxy Store.


  • Focus indicator: Set up the color and border thickness for highlighting the text that is being read.

  • Custom labels: Create and save your own labels to help you navigate through your phone. These can be created by tapping once on an icon or tab, and then double tapping and holding on the screen.

  • Single-tap navigation bar: Select this if you’d like to use single taps for the Navigation bar.

  • Single-tap activation: Tap on the current item to activate. As of right now, this feature is the experimental phase.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Tap this to view available shortcuts. You can choose Default or Classic key mapping.

  • Developer settings: Special settings that debug the phone and run other operations. You should not use these options unless you are tech-savvy.

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