Galaxy device Visibility Enhancement features

S20 displaying Settings in high contrast mode with a man using the phone in the background.

Is it hard to see your screen? Whether you cannot read text messages, want to edit your font style, or need magnification, you can use your device's Visibility enhancements. These features will make it less difficult to see when you’re reading an article, typing an email, or just using your phone or tablet in general.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and device model.

Use Visibility Enhancement features

Enhancements are available for users with vision loss, or for anyone who wants to customize the content on their device. You can also choose your own fonts and colors, so your screen is easier to read.

From Settings, swipe to and tap Accessibility, and then tap Visibility Enhancements. Swipe up to see all the convenient options for improving your screen:

Visual enhancements screen with a list of options
  • Display mode: Select from Default, High contrast, or Large display.

  • High contrast theme: Download and use themes that feature light colors on dark backgrounds. They are much easier on the eyes.

    Note: This option is not available on tablets. 

  • High contrast fonts: Tap to add an outline to all fonts so that they stand out against the screen.

  • High contrast keyboard: Change the keyboard style by selecting different color palettes.

  • Highlight buttons: This will add a highlighted color to buttons so they are easier to see and select.

  • Color inversion: Allows you to invert the colors of your menus and fonts to improve visibility.

  • Color adjustment: Change the color settings if you cannot see certain shades like reds, greens, or blues.

  • Add color filter: Choose from a list of colors to add a filter to your screen, and then adjust the opacity with the slider.

  • Remove animations: Tap this to negate screen effects from apps if your eyes are sensitive to animations. It can also help speed up your device a little.

  • Reduce transparency and blur: Reduce visual effects so menus and dialogs are easier to see.

  • Extra dim: Apply an extra dim setting to the screen.

  • Magnification: Choose between triple tapping or using the Accessibility shortcut to magnify the screen.

  • Large mouse/touchpad pointer: If a mouse or touchpad is connected to your device the pointer will be enlarged to help you with navigating and selecting.

  • Font size and style: Choose a new font style from the provided options or download your own. You can change the font size and even bold it if you like.

  • Screen zoom: Permanently enlarge your screen with the slider. Your selection will save and reflect on your screen.

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