Control your Samsung air purifier with SmartThings

A Note10 connecting to an air purifier via SmartThings

SmartThings is able to control everything from lightbulbs to thermostats. And now, it can even control the quality of your air. That’s right, you can connect your Samsung Cube Air Purifier to SmartThings and control it remotely, whether it's monitoring the device's status or turning it on. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

Add your air purifier to SmartThings

Even if you aren’t home, you can still control your air purifier’s basic functions. Just connect the purifier to the SmartThings app.

Open SmartThings, tap Add (the plus sign), and then tap Device. Tap Air purifier, and then tap Samsung. Tap Air purifier, and then tap Start. Choose a location and room where you’d like to register the device. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the purifier.

Samsung air purifier setup on a Galaxy phone

Use the basic SmartThings controls

Once your air purifier is registered in SmartThings, here are the main things you can do from the app:

  • Power: Tap the Power icon to turn your air purifier on or off remotely.

  • Control the fan speed: Select the fan speed you want for the air purifier. Tap the current speed (i.e., Low, Auto, and so on), and then select your desired fan speed.

  • Monitor Indoor air quality: View the air’s Particulate Matter level for PM10, PM2.5, or PM1.0 levels and gas cleanliness inside your home.

Controls for the Samsung air purifier on a Galaxy phone
  • Monitor Outdoor air quality: View the overall air quality for the area you live in. Tap Please select your region, and then select the appropriate area. The air quality will then display on the Air Purifier's page. If you want to see a more detailed explanation, simply tap on the Outdoor section.

Get alerts from Welcome care

This feature recommends whether to operate the air purifier when the indoor air freshness level is "Poor." You'll get notifications from SmartThings whenever Welcome care sends an alert.

First, make sure your phone's Location services are turned on. Next, open the SmartThings app, and then tap Menu (the three horizontal lines). Tap Settings, and then tap the switch next to "Get your location from this phone." Tap Allow, and then navigate to your air purifier. Tap Welcome care, and then tap the switch next to OFF.

Welcome care switched on in a Galaxy phone

Create a schedule for the air purifier

If you don't want the air purifier running all day and all night, you can set up a schedule to have it automatically turn on and off at designated times.

Tap Schedule, and then tap TURN ON. Select your desired settings, and then tap SAVE. Repeat the same thing for TURN OFF. Now you won't have to worry about manually turning the air purifier on and off.

A list of schedules on a Galaxy phone

Other options

There are some other things SmartThings can do with the air purifier. To see more features, tap More options from the air purifier's Home page.

Here are the available options:

  • Settings: Change different settings, such as resetting the air purifier's filter.

  • Help: View useful information regarding your air purifier, such as explanations for different air quality acronyms like PM10.

A list of information for Air Freshness Info on a Galaxy phone
  • Self-Check: Run a diganostic test if you think there is someting wrong with your air purifier.

  • Select a Country/Location: Specify what country you live in for Outdoor air monitoring and finding a service center close to you.

  • Information: View the latest firmware version of the air purifier as well as other important information.

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