Flex Mode on Galaxy Z Flip

Four Galaxy Z Flips in a circle

Your Galaxy Z Flip's or Galaxy Z Flip 5G’s flexible hinge and glass display let the phone remain propped open while you use apps. When your phone is partially folded, it will go into Flex Mode. Apps will reorient to fit the screen, letting you send messages or browse the web without holding the phone. For example, you can set the phone somewhere flat, like on a table, and use the bottom half of the screen to navigate. Unfold the phone to use the apps in Full screen mode, and partially fold it again to return to Flex Mode.

Note: Flex Mode is compatible with select apps, but more apps are being updated to take advantage of Flex Mode, so compatibility will increase over time. If you experience any issues with apps, be sure to send some feedback to the developers so they can add support.

Use apps in Flex Mode

When in Flex Mode, apps will automatically adjust to fit the folded screen. If you have an app open while the phone is fully opened, simply start folding it to change the app’s layout.

When using the Camera app, the lens view will switch to the top half of the screen, and the icons will shift to the bottom half. Tap and swipe along the bottom screen to take photos, videos, and change settings. You can still swipe on the top screen to switch the camera lens. Unfold the phone to go back to Full screen view.

A Galaxy Z Flip partially folded and using the Camera app

Photos in the Gallery app will also appear on the top portion of the screen in Flex Mode. Swipe left and right on the bottom screen to go through your photos. When using the Phone app, your video calls will display at the top. Prop the phone open to carry on a conversation while you work on something else.

In addition to these apps, Google Duo and YouTube are also available in Flex Mode. When using Google Duo to make a call, the camera’s view will appear in the top half of the screen, and the controls will appear in the bottom half.

Use Multi Window in Flex Mode

You can use several apps at once on your Galaxy Z Flip with Multi Window in Flex Mode. Open the Multi App tray to use apps in split screen or pop-up view, and then leave the phone propped open to check your email or take photos.

Swipe left from the right side of the screen to open the Multi app tray. Hold and drag an app to the top of the screen to open it in split screen view, or drag it to the center to open it in popup view. When using popup view, you can open up to five active apps at one time.

Move the windows around the screen or tap one of the icons at the top to change the opacity, minimize the window, or expand it to fit the whole screen.

Split screen view displayed on the Galaxy Z Flip

In split screen view, you can use the top and bottom portions of the screen to multitask. Watch a video on YouTube while sending a message to your friend, or browse the internet and look at your photos at the same time.

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