Set the time on your Samsung microwave

Set the time in the Samsung Microwave

One of the initial tasks with a new microwave is setting the time. This not only adds convenience to your kitchen but also helps in quickly regaining normalcy after a power outage. Given the variety of models and control panels Samsung offers, finding the exact steps to set the clock can seem daunting. Fear not! This guide simplifies the process for several panel types and directs you to the user manual for your specific model, should you need it.

First, Check Your User Manual

The most accurate instructions tailored to your microwave model are in the user manual. If you've misplaced the original manual or received an abbreviated version, don't worry. A full digital copy can be easily downloaded from our support center at any time.

Set the time with arrow buttons (MG11T5018CC)

You should set your microwave’s time when you first install it and any time you need to adjust it.

  1. Initially, press the OK button.

  2. Use the left or right arrow buttons to adjust the hour, then press OK.

  3. Next, adjust the minute with the arrow buttons, and finalize by pressing OK. The display will now show the current time, which will switch to the cooking time during use.

Example of OK button being pressed

Set the time with the Options button (ME21M706BA)

On certain microwaves, you'll need to use the Options button to change the time. It will only take a couple seconds to set the clock.

  1. Press the Options button to begin.

  2. Select the 9 button on the keypad.

  3. Hit the OK button, enter the current time using the keypad, and press OK to complete.

Set the time with the Power Level button (ME19R7041F)

Some models have a hidden clock feature that can only be activated with the Power Level button. Once you've enabled it, you can easily set the microwave's time.

  1. Hold down the Power Level button for 3 seconds to activate the clock setting mode.

  2. Input the time via the number pad.

  3. Press Power Level once for AM and twice for PM.

  4. Confirm by pressing the OK/START button.

Set the time with the My Settings button (MC17J8000CS)

Instead of an Options button, some microwaves have a My Settings button. You can use this to change the time on your microwave's display.

  1. Start by pressing the My Settings button.

  2. Press the 9 button on the number pad.

  3. Hit OK, enter the time, and press OK again to finish.

Example of My Settings button being pressed

Set the time with the Clock button

Note: These instructions apply to several models, like ME18H704SF, ME16H702SE, ME20H705MS, and ME11A7510D. On some models, you can press the Clock button while cooking to see the current time.

  1. Press (or press and hold for 3 seconds on some models) the Clock button.

  2. Enter the time using the number pad.

  3. Press the Clock button again for AM/PM selection (skip this step if your model does not require it).

  4. Press ENTER/START (or OK on models without this button) to confirm.

Example of Clock button being pressed
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