Galaxy Repair Service

Samsung offers out-of-warranty service for accidental damage, such as a cracked display, or mechanical failure after the one year limited warranty period from the date the device was purchased has ended.

How it works

Call 1-800-SAMSUNG and a Samsung agent will help you assess the nature of the repairs needed, estimated costs, and help ship your device(s) to a Samsung authorized repair facility. A shipping label will be provided to you by the agent. Please package your device(s) in materials suitable for shipment, and place the provided shipping label on the package. Once the package is received at our Samsung authorized repair facility, you can expect your repair to be completed and returned to you in approximately seven business days. Our team of Samsung Pros are available 24/7 to assist you with your mail-in repair service.

Call Us at 1-800-SAMSUNG

Galaxy Accidental Damage Screen Replacement Pricing

Prices below are for obtaining certain out of warranty services when calling 800–SAMSUNG for mail-in repair services
Model Front Screen Back Panel
Galaxy S6 $149 $64.95
Galaxy S6 edge $199 $64.95
Galaxy S6 edge+ $199 $64.95
Galaxy S7 $149 $64.95
Galaxy S7 edge $229 $64.95
Galaxy S8+ $229 $64.95
Galaxy S8 & Active $219 $64.95
Galaxy Note5 $149 $64.95
Galaxy Note8 $239 $64.95
Galaxy S9 $219 $99
Galaxy S9+ $229 $99
Galaxy Note9 $239 $99
- Check with the Samsung representative for estimated prices for other repairs.
- Prices include shipping if you’re mailing your device to Samsung.
- Additional taxes and fees may apply.
- Prices subject to change and vary if visiting retail locations.
- These prices apply in the United States.