When registering an air purifier, the device freezes at 99% in AP mode.

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Connection of an air purifier might be interrupted at 99% if an internet server error occurs.

1 Please check your Wi-Fi configuration.

- In Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi on your smartphone, make sure that the router name only consists of symbols and alphanumeric characters. Rename your router if the name includes any other characters.

- Only 2.4 GHz is supported when connecting your air purifier to the Wi-Fi network. Using a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection may cause problems with
connecting the air purifier.

- On Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi Advanced on your smartphone, make sure that Switch to mobile data is turned off.

Samsung SmartThings
2 Check the distance between the air purifier and the Wi-Fi router.

1.   Check whether the Wi-Fi antenna appears on the display of the air purifier.

2.   At the location of the air purifier, turn on Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi on your smartphone and check the strength of the Wi-Fi. To
connect with the air purifier, three or more Wi-Fi network antenna bars should be displayed.

SmartThings Air Purifiesr Connection

3.   If the network connection is unstable due to the distance between the air purifier and the Wi-Fi router, try installing an additional router or a repeater to extend the operational range.

4.    If the problem with the internet persists after going through the steps above, contact your internet provider to request an inspection andinquire about a solution to the problem.

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