Galaxy devices with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

I have seen reports that some Galaxy devices with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors can be unlocked by patterns on the silicone screen cover. Is this true and what should I do about this?


Samsung is aware of this problem which may appear on some of the devices with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors and this issue can be resolved by an upcoming software update.

This symptom may appear when both the silicone screen cover’s patterns and 

fingerprint is recognized together on the device. Regarding this, Samsung is 

scheduled to release a new update in the near future. Samsung encourages users to keep all software and apps updated to latest version.

If you’re currently using a front silicone cover, remove the cover and re-register your fingerprint to avoid malfunctions that may appear on device. And we recommend not to use the cover before we release the new software.

Silicone screen case

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