Galaxy Gear Fit: Notifications

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Choose the notifications you want to receive on your Gear Fit.


1. From the Home screen of the mobile device, touch Apps 1 > Gear Fit Manager 2

2. Touch Notifications32 to view and change your notification settings. If necessary, touch the slider off to turn Notifications on on


3. Place a check mark next to the notification settings you want to turn on:


- Limit notifications: Only send notifications for incoming calls and alarms to your Gear Fit when your connected mobile device is in use.

- Smart relay: View notification alerts to your Gear Fit, such as missed calls, on the mobile device by picking up the device. As soon as you get a notification on your Gear Fit, Smart relay sends it to your mobile device and opens the corresponding application.

- Preview message: See a preview of notifications in the notification pop-up on your Gear Fit.

- Keep screen off: For notifications other than incoming calls or alarms, keep the screen off when receiving notifications.


4. Place a check mark next to the apps and functions you want to receive notifications from on your Gear Fit.

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