How to attach the protective film to the Galaxy Z Fold4

Last Update date : Aug 22. 2022

Find out more about how to attach the protective film to your Galaxy Z Fold4 to make sure your screen stays protected and in top form at all times.

保護フィルムの貼り付け方法のチュートリアル動画。 保護フィルムの貼り付け方法のチュートリアル動画。

To attach the protective film to your Galaxy Z Fold4 follow these steps: 

1 Remove all components from the box. The components of the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G's cover screen protector consist of: protective film (2 sheets), instructions, 2 dust removers, a microfiber cleaner, 1 squeegee, and an applicator.
2 Remove the protective tape from the applicator.
3 Place your phone safely and securely into the applicator, making sure it fits properly.
4 Wipe the phone screen thoroughly with the microfiber cleaner.
5 Place and remove the dust removers across the screen one at a time to remove any dust particles from the screen.
6 Remove the blue protective tape from the back of the protective film (in the centre) and insert it firmly into the fastening groove of the applicator.
7 Slide the protective tape remover left/right with a squeegee.
8 Push the squeegee upwards while lifting the top of the protective film to remove the blue protective tape and attach it to the screen.
9 Use the same steps to attach the bottom protective film. (Pick up the lower part of the protective film upwards, remove the applicator and do the same with the upper part).
10 Once both top and bottom layers are attached, rub the entire protective film sufficiently with the squeegee.
11 Remove the transparent protective film on the top of the protective film and wipe it with the cleaner.

Please note: After attaching the protective film a line may appear in the centre of the screen, which will disappear after a certain period.

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