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Kids’ first steps into the digital world with Samsung Kids

Samsung Kids lets you shape a safe environment for your child to happily explore and connect with the world. With family-friendly activities to both entertain and encourage them to learn, develop, and flourish, Samsung Kids helps your child safely enjoy the digital realm.

A smartphone in front of an illustrated background with a simulated image of the Samsung Kids UI and the following apps shown on the screen: Crocro's Friends Village, Bobby's Canvas, Lisa's Music Band, My Magic Voice, Crocro's Adventure, My Browser, My Art Studio, My Phone, My camera, and My gallery. Together with the Samsung Kids village characters Cooki, Crocro, Bobby, and Lisa, children can learn as they play.

Easy to access

Your child can go on journeys within seconds.
Simply tap on Samsung Kids in the Quick panel and use the same PIN or biometrics set for your device to enter and exit the app. No need to memorise yet another password. If you need to adjust the settings, press and hold the Samsung Kids button.

Simulated image of a woman with her child in their living room. The woman is holding a smartphone, and there is a simulated overlay of her screen with the Samsung Kids icon enlarged, showing how you can access Samsung Kids easily on the Quick panel.

Set your mind at ease

Help your child to develop good digital habits with Samsung Kids. Set limits on playtime, as well as providing access only to specific contacts and apps. Check the usage report to see what your child is doing, or make sure they’re only seeing what’s appropriate. Samsung Kids is a safe environment for your child to learn and play.

A GUI shows the Samsung Kids PIN lock screen with a prompt to enter your PIN and an emergency call button below the keypad.

PIN Lock

A GUI shows the Samsung Kids Usage dashboard with total daily usage time and a breakdown of time spent per activity.

Kids’ Usage dashboard

A GUI shows a Samsung Kids Usage Report with a graph of daily usage time for 1 week and breakdown of time spent per activity.

Usage Report

A GUI shows the Samsung Kids screen time goal settings, where you can set a different screen time goal for each day.

Set the daily playtime

A GUI shows the Samsung Kids screen with your kid's creations and parental controls for Apps, Contacts, Media and Music.

App/Contact/Media Allow

Meet the gang

Let your child unleash their creativity with their new friends. Complete with a child-friendly camera and internet access, your child will follow the stylish Crocro, Cooki the aspiring chef, music-lover Lisa, and the creative Bobby for boundless fun in Samsung Kids.

Simulated image of Crocro the crocodile from the Samsung Kids village with the icon for Crocro’s Friends Village application.


Say hello to the leader of the pack, a lover of fashion and design! Your little one can help Crocro and his friends design their home in Crocro's Friends Village.

Simulated image of Cooki the sloth from the Samsung Kids village with the icon for Cooki’s Video application.


Cooki is a huge fan of cooking, ready to snack and snooze at any time. Work out what to feed him for a healthy diet. (But doughnuts are his favourite snack.)

Simulated image of Lisa the bird from the Samsung Kids village with the icon for Lisa’s Music Band application.


Are you ready to sing and dance? Then Lisa’s your girl. Sing and record songs in each friend’s voice, or even play with different instruments.

Simulated image of Bobby the beaver from the Samsung Kids village with the icon for Bobby’s Canvas application.


The artist of the group! Bobby loves to create masterpieces on different canvases, whether that’s sand or paper. It’s his favourite pastime.

More worlds to discover with the Content page

Your child can uncover even more challenges to take on with a range of new games right on your device. Swipe to the right and let their imaginations run wild. Through variety of contents-themed fun, your child can build, create, and practise new skills with age-appropriate projects that will satisfy their minds and teach science and maths.

A tablet on a table surrounded by papers and LEGO blocks. A child’s hands are nearby and their right hand is touching the tablet screen. Onscreen is the LEGO App UI, showing different kinds of entertainment your child can experience.
* Availability of content may vary depending on country, device, and ongoing maintenance.

How to set up Samsung Kids

Simulated image of a screen showing how to open the Quick panel.

Step 1.
Intro of Quick panel

Drag down to open the Quick panel.

Simulated image of the Quick panel screen showing where you can access Samsung Kids.

Step 2.
Quick panel

Tap Samsung Kids on the Quick panel.

* Swipe down to access the Quick panel. The location of the Samsung Kids button can be adjusted via Quick panel settings in the upper right corner.
* From Android R OS, you can access and run the Samsung Kids app on the Quick Panel by using the ‘[+] Available buttons’ of the Quick Panel.

The simulated image of GUI of the Samsung Kids welcome screen with a message and a Next button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3.
Welcome to Samsung Kids

Tap Next on the Samsung Kids welcome page.

* You can add Samsung Kids icon on the welcome page or Parental control settings.

The simulated image of GUI of the Samsung Kids Security screen that prompts you to set up a 4-digit PIN.

Step 4.

Set up a PIN and confirm. From there, you can access Samsung Kids.

* You will not be prompted to set up a PIN if you have set a device lock. Your existing lock method will be used to access Samsung Kids.

The simulated image of GUI of the Samsung Kids home screen to tap the top-right menu button to access Parental control settings.

Step 5.
Parental Settings

Tap the top-right menu button to set limits on daily playtime and the apps and contacts your child can access – and you’re all set.

Samsung Kids FAQ

  • Your most asked questions are answered.

Check out the upgrade schedule for Samsung Kids under Notices section (P OS Update Notices)
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* Availability of Samsung Kids features may vary depending on country, device, and ongoing maintenance.
** Requires Android 9.0 or higher in order to access Samsung Kids from Quick panel.
*** For devices with lower version of Android 9.0, you may access similar features available under "Kids Mode" applicable which can be downloaded or updated through Galaxy Store.
**** Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.