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For Supermoms: How to Enjoy a Fresh Family Dinner on Working Days.

After a hectic working day, cooking dinner from scratch is not an easy process.
Here are four smart steps to stay energized to cook after work and enjoy a fresh family dinner.

Step 1: Plan ahead for family dinner meals.

Get yourself a small blackboard and chalk and let yourself and every family member write down dinner suggestions to have a complete dinner plan for the whole week. This step will answer the daily question: “What am I cooking for dinner tonight?"

Step 2: Buy your needed groceries.

Make a list of all the groceries you need for on your weekly dinner plan, then make a single trip to your favorite supermarket and fetch all you need. Make sure your pantry is well-stocked so you can avoid going to the supermarket midweek.

Step 3: Prepare your dinner meals.

Start preparing and pre-cooking the components of your dinner once you get back from the supermarket. Let your family help you to wash & cut the veggies and pack them as well while you are busy doing the expert stuff such as marinating & browning meat and cooking stews or casseroles.Twin Cooling™ refrigerator will guarantee you both the full food freshness and the generous space.

Step 4: Cook your dinner meal.

Surprisingly this is the easiest step of them all. Just get the dinner meal out of Twin Cooling refrigerator™, defrost it and heat it on the stove or in the oven within a few minutes meanwhile your family comrades can make a fresh juice and set the table.

With smart planning and Twin Cooling™ refrigerator, a delicious dinner is served everyday.

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