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How to spend the perfect weekend

The fast-paced life of any supermom may hinder her from bonding with her favorite group of friends due to family, work, or any other commitments.
This is why every weekend is an ideal chance to relax and enjoy quality time with your friends.
Here are a few tips to spend a joyful day at home with your friends.


A match made in heaven.

When you meet your best friends, you naturally think about food, so imagine if you are spending a full day together! Resist the urge to order food and bond over cooking various meals from scratch to create a joyful and warm experience throughout the day. The Samsung Microwave Oven's Hotblast technology will incredibly save you time and provide you with amazing results as the powerful hot air blown directly onto the food through multiple air-holes. You can bake whatever you crave from pies, pizzas, and cupcakes or cook veggies with steaks or chicken and you will end up with superbly crispy food from outside and juicy from inside. Split the fun of cooking the homemade meals between you and your friends and compete for serving the best dish.


Free your inner child.

We all need to free our inner child from time to time, not only to have fun but also to tone down our daily stresses for a while. Bring your favorite games to the table, whether they are cards or board games, and let the winner take a prize home. Level up the joy with singing Karaoke and playing thrilling videogames. Also, you all can chill and share your latest updates with each other, while having soothing cup of tea. Never forget to capture every fun moment with your camera to keep the memories alive.



Wrap the day by watching a new movie or starting an exciting TV series with your friends. Be equipped with blankets and buckets of popcorn and snacks to maximize the fun and cope with the thrill. Make sure the chosen movie or TV series is really breathtaking to keep you on the edge of your seats.

Are you ready
to make the most
of your next weekend?

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