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All the care
for three years

Exceptional quality, now with extended assurance. Now get 2 years of additional warranty on our appliances. For a limited time only

Shop online and get your appliances with care.
Get 3 years warranty when you buy online now.

How to activate the 3-year warranty plan?

  • Step 1
    Purchase your appliance.
  • Step 2
    We deliver and install the product. Find the 15 digit serial number on the product.
  • Step 3
    Click on the
    button below.
  • Step 4
    Fill up the form on the page to active the extended warranty.

Already have a serial number?

This offer is valid from 22nd April until 30th June.


Our filter technology screens out even
the smallest of dust particles, germs, and smell.
  • Air Purifier
    Air Purifier
    Purifies the air you breathe with*
    •  Virus doctor
    •  4-step purification
    *Features may vary depending on the product
  • Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner
    Powerful cooling with no direct wind*
    •  Wind-Free™ Cooling
    •  Reduces viruses by upto 99%
    *Features may vary depending on the product


Technology that optimises temperature to thoroughly
remove germs and bacteria.
  • Washing Machine
    Washing Machine
    99.9% Sanitization of Your Clothes*
    •  Air sanitization
    •  Hygiene steam
    *Features may vary depending on the product
  • Dish Washer
    Dish Washer
    Hygienic rinsing to eliminate bacteria*
    •  Hygienic rinsing
    •  Self clean
    *Features may vary depending on the product


Store more food and organise it better
with our refrigerators.
  • Refrigerator
    Adapts to your changing lifestyles with*
    •  FlexZone™
    •  SpaceMax™
    *Features may vary depending on the product