Samsung UHD
means Real 4K

RGB pixels only
RGB pixels only

What is 4K

Samsung offers real 4K UHD thanks to the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) subpixels. With RGB subpixels, what you get is a full
range of colours. The RGB subpixels used on Samsung 4K UHD TVs are the only accepted industry standard for real 4K UHD
experience on TVs. Let’s find out more about what makes RGB UHD 4K TVs special.
4K Video

RGB versus RGBW

A TV panel is made up of RGB subpixels to create different colours. RGBW TVs have a fourth subpixel - White - to lower the cost of
components, and reduce the backlight emitted to give higher white light output and higher contrast ratio. This converts some of the RGB
subpixels to white light, reducing the number of pixels that can actually produce colours by 25%, which results in a lower quality, less detailed picture on the screen.
8.3 million (3,840x2,160) pixels
8.3 million (3,840x2,160) pixels with Red, Green and Blue (RGB) elements, produce rich, saturated images and provides full colour performance.
6.2 million (2,880x2,160) pixels
6.2 million (2,880x2,160) pixels with 25% fewer colour producing elements, display images with reduced colour accuracy, range and resolution.

UHD Resolution

Experience vivid detail with 4X the resolution of UHD TV.
Everything you watch will look better thanks to true-to-life colour and brightness.
Get a natural colour experience with Purcolour. Dive into your TV entertainment and see all the colours of nature in accurate detail. See
images with true-to-life detail. With higher brightness, you’ll get a true HDR experience. UHD Dimming divides the screen into blocks to
optimise the colour, sharpness, and the levels of deep black and pure whites for the perfect contrast.
UHD Resolution

Experience 4K UHD TV in Store

What to look out for in your UHD TV.
Ask the staff in store for a demo to test the below 3 features and experience the real 4K UHD difference.
Is it 4K or Not
Is it 4K or Not (3K)?
Take a picture of the screen up close
and check for RGB subpixels
Pure RGB or Not
Pure RGB or Not (RGBW)?
Check for contrast modulation
(98% or 67%)
Is it 4K certified or Not
Is it 4K certified or Not?
Be sure to check for real 4K certification

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Samsung UHD TVs are Premium Certified by the UHD Alliance, and meet the standard of
Digital Europe and US Consumer Electronics Association.

Get the real 4K UHD experience today.

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