What are the check points if the dishwasher will not start?

Last Update date : 2022-07-26

It takes a while for your dishwasher to start because it has to empty first. If it doesn't start immediately away, it can be because of Child Lock, Delay Start, a partially open door, or just from pressing the Start button too long.

1 Wait a moment for the cycle to start.

When a cycle is started, the dishwasher will first attempt to drain excess water left over from previous cycles. This will cause the dishwasher to sound like it is working, although no water is actually filling the unit yet. This is normal. After the unit runs a drain cycle (approximately 35 seconds), it will then proceed with the selected wash cycle.

2 Check the door and door latch.

The dishwasher will not start if it does not detect that the door is closed.

3 Turn off Child Lock.

If the buttons are not responding, there's a good chance Child Lock is turned on. Child Lock is typically represented by a padlock icon, and can be toggled by pressing and holding the designated button for 3 seconds. The button is usually Heated Dry, Sanitize, or Child Lock. When Child Lock is turned on, the padlock icon or the associated button will be lit.

4 Look for Delay Start.

If you want to start washing dishes straight immediately, make sure Delay Start is not enabled. When this option is activated, the dishwasher will wait until the timer expires before starting a cycle.

5 Check for an error code or blinking lights.

On some models, blinking Lights indicate an error code. The dishwasher may be indicating it cannot start because of an error. See either the blinking lights or error code guide for correct troubleshooting steps.


6 Press, but do not hold, the Start button.

When Start is held for more than 3 seconds on a dishwasher, the cycle is cancelled and the dishwasher drains. If this happens, a blinking 1 will be on the display. If you see this, press Start to resume the cycle.

7 Reset the circuit breaker.

Go to the circuit breaker in your home, and turn off the circuit your dishwasher is on. After 30 seconds, restore power, and then try to run another cycle.

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