What to do when Samsung refrigerator has no power?

Last Update date : 2022-11-30

Power issues on your refrigerator will cause spoilage of all your foodstuff inside.

There are various points to check the no power issue:

  1. Source of electricity might be the reason.
  2. The issue in the refrigerator.

Checking the power source

The source of electricity for your refrigerator may have an issue. 

1. Check if the plug is connected to the power source socket properly.


2. Try to plug another electrical appliance and if it does not power on, please contact an electrician to check your home's electrical power line.

Note: You may connect an extension wire from another power source and connect the refrigerator on it to double check if the refrigerator really exhibits no power issue.

If the other electrical appliance works, then there might be an issue on your  Samsung refrigerator. You may need to contact the Samsung Call Center to book for a service visit.

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