How do I initialize the Samsung SmartTag?

Last Update date : 2021-04-19

Sometimes it is seems like the SmartTag doesn't work and nothing happens, so you can easily reset the SmartTag.

How to reset SmartTag

  • Open the SmartThings application > press delete the SmartTag.
  • If the symptom is not yet resolved after trying the above methods, you can initialize SmartTag by removing battery from device.

Note: Please use a tool when you are trying to pull of a battery from SmartTag device.

1 Remove the cover and battery from the SmartTag device.
2 Press the SmartTag's button.
3 Keep pressing the SmartTag's button until you put battery back in to the SmartTag device.
4 Keep pressing until you hear the beep sound from the SmartTag device.

Note: Sounds beep when it is reset without problem.

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