How to keep your Galaxy phone from slowing down?

Last Update date : 2023-07-10

You can keep up with your phone’s performance by using the Device Care feature. It provides an overview of your battery, storage, memory, and security. You can also automatically optimize your phone for faster, better performance.

Battery and device care

Note: Before you try out the recommendations below, be sure to check if your device's software is updated with the latest version.

Optimizing your device

On the Settings screen, tap Battery and device care → Optimize now.

The quick optimization feature improves device performance through the following actions.

  • Closing apps running in the background.
  • Managing abnormal battery usage.
  • Scanning for crashed apps and malware.

Optimize battery and use power saving modes

Check the remaining battery power and time to use the device. For devices with low battery levels, conserve battery power by turning on power saving features. On the Settings screen, tap Battery and device care → Battery → activate battery saving mode.

  • Power saving: Turn on power saving mode to extend the battery’s usage time.
  • Background usage limits: Limit battery usage for apps that you do not use often.
  • Wireless power sharing: Charge another device with your phone’s battery. 
  • More battery settings: Configure advanced settings for the battery.

Clean storage

Check the status of the used and available storage.

On the Settings screen, tap Battery and device care → Storage. To delete files or uninstall apps that you do not use anymore, select a category. Then, touch and hold, or select, an item and tap Delete or Uninstall.

Clean memory

On the Settings screen, tap Battery and device care → Memory.

To speed up your device by stopping apps running in the background, tick apps from the apps list, and tap Clean now.


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