How to send an error report on your Galaxy device?

Last Update date : 2022-12-07

Samsung Members is an app for support and device diagnostics. It will allow you to submit error reports, register Samsung Products and request help across lots of Samsung Apps and services. Samsung Members also has diagnostic capabilities that will help maximize the device performance and help identify any problems.

When troubleshooting and other relevant guidance don't provide an answer, we might ask you to send an Error Report via the Samsung Members app. This process will help us provide relevant support. 

How to Report Error using Samsung Member Application
1 Launch Samsung Members app.
2 Tap on Get help and Scroll down the screen and select Error Reports
3 Choose a category below
4 Make Sure That "Send System Log Data" is Selected to Help Resolve Your Questions Quickly and Describe Your Problem in Details
5 Change the Frequency to Whatever You Prefer
6 You'll Get Response Notification Shortly From Samsung

Note: Aside from sending the logs, you also have the option to send screenshots or screen recordings of the issue you encountered. Just tap on the paper clip icon on the upper right of the screen beside the send icon. 

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