How to set Fingerprint lock on my Samsung Device ?

Last Update date : 2023-03-23

The "Fingerprint sensor" on your Galaxy phone is both an application and a hardware feature that provides a convenient and secure way to unlock your phone while also keeping your personal information safe. Please see the instructions below for more information on how to set the fingerprint lock.


How to set Fingerprint lock?

Go to Settings. Go to Settings.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app and tap Biometrics and Security.

 Fingerprints  Fingerprints

Step 2. Tap the fingerprints.

tap Continue tap Continue

Step 3. Read the on-screen instructions and tap Continue.

Set a secure screen lock Set a secure screen lock

Step 4. Set a secure screen lock method.

fingerprint recognition sensor fingerprint recognition sensor

Step 5. Place your finger on the fingerprint recognition sensor, and make sure to fully cover the sensor with your finger to prevent strong light from entering the sensor. When you're finished, tap Done.

Fingerprint unlock Fingerprint unlock

Step 6. Make sure that the switch next to "Fingerprint unlock" is turned on.

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