How to sync gallery files to OneDrive on my Samsung phone?

Last Update date : 2022-05-17

With Microsoft OneDrive you can rely on it to save all your memorable pictures and videos. You can set your Gallery to automatically sync with OneDrive, so your files can be accessed later on when you’d like to revisit those memorable photos. You can also restore photos and videos that were accidentally deleted.

Turn Gallery auto sync on or off

Your Gallery app’s Auto Sync feature might be turned off by default, but you can easily turn it on so all your photos and videos will be synced to OneDrive.

Sync with One Drive

1 Simply navigate to and open the Gallery app, and then tap Menu.
2 Tap Settings, and then tap the switch next to "Sync with OneDrive" to enable the sync.
3 Now your Gallery will be synced to OneDrive and you can access your photos from another device and the OneDrive website if you need to

Note: Available Settings may vary by carrier and software version. Not all countries or carriers support this service.

Sync specific albums in Gallery

Certain photos are more important than others, like family holiday pictures and selfies with your best friends. You can select certain Gallery albums to sync to OneDrive, and then leave other albums on your phone.

Select your preferred Gallery albums

1. Navigate to and open the Gallery app and then tap Menu.

2. Tap Settings, tap Sync with OneDrive, and then tap Albums to sync.

3. From here, you can choose which albums will sync to OneDrive by tapping the switch next to the album.

Download photos and videos from OneDrive

You can use OneDrive on your phone, tablet, or computer to download photos and videos to another device. If there’s a photo stored in OneDrive that you’d like to use as a phone background, just download it using the app.

Download your photos

Navigate to and open the OneDrive app, and then tap the Photos tab. Tap the photo or video you’d like to download to your device, and then tap Save. Tap Save again to confirm and then your file will begin downloading.

Or, you can tap the Back arrow to choose a different location for your file, like Documents or Pictures. Next, navigate to your Gallery app and tap on your photo or video to view it.

Delete Gallery files from OneDrive

Delete not necessary files

If you have hundreds of photos but you still like to keep them  on your device, and on the other hand you want to remove them from OneDrive you can remove them with a few steps.

Navigate to and open the OneDrive app, and then tap Recent. All of your recently uploaded photos will display. Next, select your desired pictures, and then tap Delete. Tap OK to confirm.

Restore deleted Gallery files from OneDrive

If you accidentally deleted a picture from OneDrive, it’s not a big deal. Your photos and videos will still be safe in the Recycle bin for 93 days, so you’ll be able to get your file back. You can also restore deleted files from the OneDrive website.

Restore your deleted files within 93 Days

• Navigate to and open the OneDrive app, and then find your profile by tapping the Me tab.

• Tap Recycle bin, and then tap the photo you’d like to restore.

• Tap the Restore icon in the top right (it looks like a clock with an arrow), and your photo will be returned to its original location.

Note: If you tap the Trash icon while a file is selected, the file will be permanently deleted.

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