How to use and set-up the AR Emoji?

Last Update date : 2022-08-01

AR (Augmented Reality) Emoji is a feature which creates an animated version of yourself which can then be used to record your movements and facial expressions. It is possible to add facial expressions, actions, custom text, decorations and backgrounds to create your own stickers.

If you want to create an AR emoji Follow these steps :

1 Open the the Camera .
2 Press On AR Emoji .
3 Position Your Face in the Center of Cycle then Shot your Face.
4 Select Classification then press Next.
5 Wait Till The Emoji Prepaid .
6 Add the name For your Emoji and Cutomize it Skin color , hair Color ect ..

Note : AR Emojis are only available on specific devices. Some movements or expressions may not be recognised. The icons and screens may differ slightly from the illustrations below depending on your device, operating system and theme.

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