what is the battery capacity for samsung tablet

Last Update date : 2022-06-22

Below is the battery capacity for the foldable devices both (typical & rated ) , Learn more about the typical battery capacity for your Samsung Foldable devices 




Tab S8(X700N, X706N)

8000 mAh 

Tab S8+(X800N, X806N)

10090 mAh 

Tab S8 Ultra(X900N, X906N)

11200 mAh 

Tab S7(T870)

8000 mAh 

Tab S7+(T970)

10090 mAh 

Tab S6(T860)

7040 mAh 

Tab S5e(T720)

7,040 mAh 

For the rated battery capacity:



Tab S4(T830)

7300 mAh 

Tab A 10.1(T585)

7300 mAh 

Tab S8 Ultra(X900N, X906N)

5000 mAh 

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