How to test the Samsung TV Remote Control

Last Update date : 2023-03-02

Samsung TV remote  has a new standard: One Remote Control and Auto Detection makes watching your favorite shows on your Samsung smart TV easy, fun, and convenient.

The  TV remote control is essential to allow you to enjoy the experience and If you face some issue, you can check it first by yourself.

Follow the instructions to troubleshoot issues related with your remote control:

Check the batteries on your remote
1 Always use the correct type of battery as illustrated inside the battery compartment of your remote control.
2 Remember not to mix old & new or different kinds of batteries together.
3 Check polarization (+ -) and then insert batteries.
Troubleshooting your remote control
Check for interference and obstruction

Remove any obstructions between your TV and your remote. If there are any objects between the remote and the receiver on the TV, infrared signals may be blocked. In addition, electronic equipment can disrupt the signal from your remote. If you have any electronics, such as lights, radios, or mobile devices around your TV, try moving them further away.

Check the infrared signal visually

You can check the infrared signal by using any digital camera, including the one on your mobile device. Turn on the camera and point the front tip of the remote at the camera lens. Press and hold the power button on the remote while looking at the mobile device screen. You will see a light or flash coming from the remote. 

If you cannot see any light or flash coming from the remote and you have already replaced the batteries of the remote, it means that the remote has a problem.

Reset smart remote controls
1 For smart remote controls: please hold the play and pause button together with the return button for 3 seconds or more.
2 For not smart remote controls: please hold the exit button together with the return button for 3 seconds or more.

Remove the batteries and then press Power for 8 seconds to reset the remote. Then reinsert the batteries and try to use the remote again. 


  • Some TV remote controls have dual Infrared and Bluetooth for sending signals to the TV. Predominantly the power button uses infrared LED over Bluetooth, so always press the power button to check if your remote control is functional.
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