Feed Envy: Tips for
Creating Epic Social
Media Videos

How to edit videos and create amazing visual effects.

Dots, a star, circle, square and heart AR doodles against a backdrop of greenery

The power of a great social media video can stop you in your scrolling tracks. But while making your videos stand out can seem impossible, it doesn’t need to be. Even if you aren’t a master videographer, you can still create viral videos with a little patience (and a lot of imagination). Here are some cool techniques for giving your clips the ultimate stopping power.

Guy on skateboard holds a frame as the video loops repeatedly inside the frame

Loop Video

How to do it: First, shoot the scene you’d like in your looping shot. Easy mode: shoot your subject moving across the frame and either disappearing behind an object or off screen. Hard (but worth it) mode: shoot a scene that can create an infinite loop within a masked object. Then, using Adobe After Effects, mask out that object and create an endless loop by pairing a layer inside of a layer that grows and grows. Repeat this until you have a section of your clip that loops perfectly.

How to nail it: Having a background that doesn’t move or change allows for a more believable loop.

A man stands against a wall reading a book and the color of wall changes as camera angle moves to the left and right repeatedly. And a woman stands on stairs moving equal distances to the left and right as the view is fixed in one position.

Stop motion

How to do it: Shoot your photos at an equal distance away from your subject in a semi (or full) circle. Once you’ve captured the magic, load these shots into Adobe After Effects as an image sequence and apply your Warp Stabilizer. If you want to apply a stop motion effect on a moving subject, repeat the above steps with your subject moving in equal distances while you shoot in place. As always, the more time you invest into perfecting your shots, the cooler your final result will look.

How to nail it: Take multiple shots for a smoother, more realistic animation. Next-level your shots by using string and chalk to mark off your exact distance from the subject each time.

Polka dots, a star, circle, square and heart AR doodles against a backdrop of greenery
A single product shot showing the S Pen from the Galaxy Note10 phone creating a doodle
AR Doodle
Draw in 3D for creations that track your face or the space around you.
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Special effects

How to do it: From using prisms and fun lenses to downloading specific apps, there are many ways to add a dash of “wow” to your content. So go all out. The Galaxy Note10’s AR Doodle mode lets you use the S Pen to personalize your videos with virtual drawings, effects, and animations that stay fixed in place when you move the camera.

How to nail it: Practice. And practice some more. Great content makers shoot the same scene countless times to get the perfect shot—you should be doing the same here. Also, try shooting during golden hour for a cool effect that is 100% natural.

Three women wave their arms repeatedly in front of a skyline backdrop as the video incorporates a kaleidoscopic effect

A woman stands on the boardwalk as she catches a bunch of scattered red flowers that emerge from the ground and into her hands


How to do it: Think of a fun scene with an element of motion—something that would translate well when played back in reverse. Film your clip using the Super Slow-mo feature on your Galaxy device, then choose the reverse playback option. Some dramatic scenes, such as throwing something in the air, benefit from being shot in slow motion—so try playing with that idea, too.

How to nail it: Keep certain elements of the scene consistent, and include lots of distinct moving objects like liquids, vehicles, or in our case, flowers.

A woman stands at a storefront and spins in her white dress in a back and forth and slow motion

Super Slow-mo

How to do it: Aim for scenes that are full of movement and show something unique—an activity that will create an interesting clip when the action is slowed way down. Once you have your scene set up, record the amazing action using the Super Slow-mo feature.

How to nail it: Lighting is KEY for slow motion, so make sure the lighting for the video is on point. For epic results, shoot outdoors in natural sunlight to avoid a flickering effect that artificial lighting often creates.

A woman in a leopard print top and black pants jumps in front of a concrete wall. The model changes mid-jump into a woman wearing a black and white striped top and a brown skirt. The video loops.

Clever edits

How to do it: Shoot multiple motion clips while changing out a single element each time. For believability, shoot continuously and lock exposure and focus so your lighting is consistent. Once shot, use an advanced editing app like Adobe Premiere Rush to cut your clips at the same point in each motion, color correct and combine them side by side to create a seamless motion. Repeat as necessary for multiple changes in your scene.

How to nail it: Quicker motions usually work better and help make the edit look more believable.

Ready to create
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From capturing great moments with Super Slow-mo to adding your own unique stamp with AR Doodle, your content is one technique away from viral status.

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