Samsung Health

Your Health in your hands.

Samsung Health tracks your activity, nutrition and sleep, and delivers insights based on your progress.

The girl walking in the park and the Samsung Health app with 'Today you reached a new highest step count !!' Front view of Galaxy S8 Black receiving notification

Set your health goals.

Small changes get big results.
By setting goals in three key areas of your life, you’ll get closer to becoming a better you.

Front view of Galaxy S8 Black showing exercise time, distance, calories and target momentum to date in jogging woman and Health app
Front view of Galaxy S8 Black showing calorie content and nutritional balance score on the table with food items on the table
Front view of Galaxy S8 Black to check and manage the sleeping time in the Health app on the top right of the woman with the stretching on the bed

Set activity goals, see when you hit your milestones and get reminded when you’re not doing enough.

Establish nutrition goals and see a detailed breakdown of what you consume to make sure you stick to your goals.

Samsung Health helps you get on track to a good sleep schedule and reminds you when you’re not getting enough rest.

Track your activities.

Get the full picture by monitoring what you do, eat and drink.
Track as much as you want, as often as you want.
It’s completely up to you.

Front view of Galaxy S8 Black to check and manage sleep time in a woman who is stretching and in Health app

Track your intake

Caffeine, water and meals are all there.
Tap into a food database that lets you quickly log your food and see a detailed nutritional breakdown.

In the health app, holding the Galaxy S8 Black in the left hand with daily sleep time recorded

Track your wellness

Monitor your weight and your blood glucose levels, or track your sleep patterns and heart rate to establish healthier habits.

Front view of Galaxy S8 Black on the Tracking Strength, Course, and Time selection screens in Health app

Track automatically

Samsung Health comes with workout auto-detection.
So when you are running or walking, Samsung Health can recognizes your movements and track it on your devices.

Today's momentum shown in Health app shows the same content from Galaxy S8 Black (left) and Galaxy Gear3 (right)

Sync your trackers

Samsung Health may sync your wearable's, smart devices and other health-related apps, so you can make sure your information is up to date.

Get insights based on your lifestyle.

You may get useful feedback that will help you get to the next level.

'Inactive for almost an hour Step it up!' Side view of Gear S3 receiving notification

Never lose steam

Get notified throughout the day to stay on track to reach your goals.
Whether it’s a nudge to move or a reminder to go to bed, Samsung Health has your best interest in mind.

Get the rundown

Each week you can check your progress see how you did for the week or break down your daily stats.

Tackle new goals

Based on your milestones, Samsung Health may suggest new goals.
That means when you hit your daily steps milestone, you can easily set up your next goal to tackle.

Stay motivated.

Hit milestones, earn rewards and compete with friends and other Samsung Health users.

Front view of Galaxy S8 Black comparing exercise with friends of similar ages in Health app

Go head-to-head with friends

Use Together to challenge your friends and see where you stand.

Front view of Galaxy S8 Black receiving compliments of 'Goal achieved' goal in health app

Hit milestones

Earn badges for your breakthroughs, because every accomplishment deserves a shout-out.

Front view of Galaxy S8 Black with scenes of applying for a program that can be done together in Health app

Join a challenge

Compete with friends by joining a challenge.

Keep your records secure.

With Samsung Health, your information is secured with Samsung Knox - award winning security platform.

Samsung Know icon

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox helps to ensure your health data is protected with hardware and software level security.

Sync apps and devices.

Samsung Health works with a number of Samsung devices, as well as other digital health equipment, to make tracking easy.

Galaxy S8 Black, Gear Fit2, and Gear S3 in running time, distance, and speed in health app

Samsung Wearables with Samsung Health

Samsung Health is built into the Gear Fit2 and the Gear S3 so it’s easy to track your activities.

Top view of Galaxy S8 Black with apps compatible with Health app

Apps with Samsung Health

Samsung Health works seamlessly with a number of third-party apps like diet trackers or fitness apps.

The foot measuring the weight on the scale

Devices with Samsung Health

Get more out of Samsung Health by syncing up devices like glucose monitor or scale to keep close tabs on what’s most important to you.

* This app is solely intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.
Supported features might vary by country and device.