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Meet the best pics

@djtigerlily takeover 06 // How amazing have the sunsets in Sydney been lately? I captured this shot on my new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra using Pro Mode and edited in Lightroom. The 108MP camera makes it look like the shots have been taken on a professional camera 🙈 If the light is low when you're taking sunset photos, I suggest switching over to Bright Night which will allow you to shoot like a pro, even in low light!
@djtigerlily takeover 05 // The last couple of months have changed the way we all live. I used to spend my weekends traveling and performing. Now, I spend them camping with my family 🏕 Whilst I miss my job so much, it has been nice to have some downtime and reignite my love for activities like camping. Believe it or not, all of these photos were taken on my Samsung S20 Ultra and edited in Lightroom. All credit is to the super impressive 108mp image sensor.
@djtigerlily takeover 04 // Nothing like unleashing my inner child and having some fun! Slow-motion is such a FUN feature that can turn an otherwise boring video into something special 💫 I love how the Super Steady mode also stabilises your videos, even if you and the subject are both on the move. This is going to be perfect for when I stop jumping around on the bed and start jumping again in the clubs 🙌🏻
@djtigerlily takeover 03 // I’ve had to evolve and adapt the way I bring my music and the good vibes to you all over the last few months. This means a shift from clubs and festivals, to studio live streams! I have been using the Bright Night feature on my Samsung S20 Ultra 5G to capture photos from my live streams. Bright Night enables you to capture images with twice the brightness of the previous Galaxy devices! Getting good quality photos in low light is so important when it comes to club and festival photos and this is why Bright Night is by far my favourite feature, I just edited these in Lightroom. Can’t wait to use it even more when I’m back touring 🌎✈🌈
@djtigerlily takeover 02 // I always have to stop for a quick selfie when I'm on set and really feeling myself 🎬 With my new Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, capturing that perfect selfie has been a dream. The 40mp front camera gives me super high-quality photos - life-changing for all selfie kings and queens like me!
@djtigerlily takeover 01 // Hi Samsung Australia 🇦🇺 Tigerlily here. I'm an International DJ and Producer from Sydney, Australia. When I'm not in the studio working on music, playing epic shows around the world, or hanging out with cute animals, you will find me capturing content on my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. I'm excited to show you moments that I've captured on my new phone 🦋 📹. This epic device has changed the way I capture my world!
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@shaun.lyle takeover 06 // Signing off on my takeover this week with a little video project I created for @_basecolour using only my Samsung S20 Ultra 5G. A lot of my time the last few months has been spent by the ocean.. what better way to showcase a Sunny winters day than with a short film featuring my hometown and partner in crime, @_hollyt. This was shot fully hand held using the Super Steady video feature on the Samsung S20 Ultra and edited in VivaVideo.
@shaun.lyle takeover 05 // On my days off I love to be by the ocean. It offers a great escape from the fast paced fashion industry and it always provides a source of inspiration for many of our photoshoots! Here is a GIF I<br>created using the Samsung S20 Ultra’s time-lapse feature. This feature is super easy to use and produces great results, even<br>without a tripod!
@shaun.lyle takeover 04 // A big part of my job as a photographer involves a lot of pre planning. Emails, phone calls, mood boards and diary notes. Oh, and did I mention coffee? All of these tasks can be done in the<br>palm of my hand.. My favourite feature you ask – customizable widgets! I’m all about customizing my device to make working as efficient as possible. My Samsung S20 Ultra 5G device really is my best friend.
@shaun.lyle takeover 03 // On the odd occasion I don’t mind jumping in front of the camera. When doing so I prefer to use the Samsung S20 Ultra’s super impressive 108mp image sensor! This feature allows you to crop and reframe an image while still maintaining its high quality meaning I can often use the Samsung S20 Ultra 5G camera instead of a DSLR.. Crazy!
@shaun.lyle takeover 02 // at @_basecolour we love to shoot street style fashion photography, which has meant over the last few months we have had to evolve<br>and adapt the way we shoot. This has resulted in setting up our own<br>home studio to shoot editorial content for fashion brands. The S20 Ultra’s Pro mode function gives you full control over the camera settings, allowing you to shoot pictures using your own creative<br>flare. My tip is to save your Pro mode pictures as raw files to allow more freedom with post production editing.
@shaun.lyle takeover 01 // Hey @samsungau family! My name is Shaun and I’m a<br>professional photographer and co-founder of fashion & lifestyle<br>destination This week I am going to show<br>you how I use my Samsung S20 Ultra 5G in my professional work, as<br>well as in everyday life.
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@kjtilse takeover 05 // While we’re talking about video I’d like to touch on how buttery smooth the stabilization is. This is no gimbal and moving at speed, basically no camera shake.
@kjtilse takeover 04 // Being a father I’m always filming my son with all the silly and exciting milestones that he achieves. <br>This one is for all those parents out there who constantly spamming their colleagues and friends videos of their kids. you can now show them off in 8K video!!! (compatible 8K TV required)
@kjtilse takeover 03 // Photo Journalism is all about telling a story through a collection images. One of the most important parts of image documenting is focusing on the details.<br>It’s pretty hard not to love this when your camera boasts 108mp! The detail of the image is actually insane!
@kjtilse takeover 02 // Now I know that for most of you, you use your camera to capture special memories and document your life. but, I feel like there is no better way to test a camera than capturing action sports. I used the wide angle lens and the burst shot which can capture up to a 100 photos in a matter of seconds so you don’t miss a beat. I have to say I’m super impressed the images are tack sharp, in focus and capture the action perfectly. thanks @nochi_w for going full send.
@kjtilse takeover 01 // Hi I’m Kurt, I’m a father, creative direction/commercial photographer and co host with @Sarahs_Day of health, fitness and personal development podcast @The.Healthcode<br>I’m going to put the S20 Ultra 5G to the test and give you my thoughts on the features of this epic camera phone. It’s amazing to be able to carry such a powerful tool with you everywhere you go.
@danielle_cross takeover 06 // Being an artist by love and trade, I find<br>importance in my art through the connection with the viewer, which I achieve by<br>evoking an emotion and feeling through colour, shape, form, subject matter and<br>strength of the storyline that I'm entrenched in at the time I create.<br><br>As an artist and through the process of freedom and expression, art is meant to talk<br>to our souls – speak to our intangible self.<br><br>With @samsungau cutting edge phone technology, we all get to become the<br>Creators. The technology and built in intelligence allows us to capture the images so<br>seamlessly, that we are able to immerse ourselves into the creative process.<br>Inspiration is felt and seen in fleeting moments and the S20 becomes our<br>paintbrush. DX
@danielle_cross takeover 05 // It is not a secret that our WFH routines have<br>been ever changing, we have taken to our Video calls like no other! It seems to be<br>our new norm, so have our WFH coffee breaks! Using the #GalaxyS20Ultra5G<br>Hyperlapse Video feature, we can all enjoy some extra long ‘me’ time. My 5 minute<br>coffee break may have stretched out to 30 mins!! So many Video features to explore…. Super Steady so I can capture the details of<br>my artwork up close and personal, without a shaky hand….. 8K video recording combined<br>with 8K Video Snap which lets me grab a photo frame from the video at 33MP! Talk<br>about Game Changer!
@danielle_cross takeover 04 // No need to set up new interior scenes when<br>SINGLE TAKE does it all for you. Not only do you shoot once, but you have 14 ways<br>that the #GalaxyS20Ultra5G artificial intelligence captures the shot. And did I mention the photo quality! More time on my hands to create…...
@danielle_cross s Takeover 03 // So truth be told, and very strange for this fiery<br>artist, but I have really immersed myself into this home thing, and I kind of like it!<br>Even better when I can capture its interior angles and light with the #galaxyS20Ultra5G<br>wide lens. Home never looked so magazine worthy!<br><br>This camera angle will be getting a workout when shooting my art, but especially<br>when featured in small spaces without having to shoot it through a window!!
@danielle_cross Takeover 02 // The words GAME CHANGER is an<br>understatement when talking about the #galaxyS20Ultra5G. Will I ever use another<br>camera again!? Being able to capture my artwork with the 108MP front camera<br>makes creating the final product, the Real Game Changer…. I can still see the wet<br>paint through the images!
@danielle_cross Takeover 01 // TGIF.... @samsungau family! Dani Cross or<br>more known for being the artist behind DANIELLEX.<br><br>I am an Extrovert, Introvert. I am an Aries Italian, and I am a Sydney based abstract<br>artist and photographer, combining painting and photography in all its visual glory... My Art blurs the lines between a camera lens and a paintbrush, and it dances<br>between the comfortable and uncomfortable. But ultimately, I like to provoke and be<br>a storyteller through my art and creative eye.<br><br>During this strange reality we have been experiencing, home and its walls have<br>provided a haven and blank canvas for all of us to create our own stories.<br><br>So, there is no better time to dive in and immerse ourselves in all the colour, shape<br>and feels that home holds for us!