Why Samsung
Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV is a brand new way to make your home smarter than ever. Discover a diverse range of content and features, where intelligence and entertainment converge to redefine your TV viewing experience.

All your entertainment
in one place

Smart Hub & Apps

Explore a wide range of curated content on Samsung Smart Hub. Save searching time and immerse yourself in your favourite shows and movies.

Plus, stream over 100 blockbuster games with Xbox Game Pass or access other cloud gaming services - no download & no console required* on your Samsung Smart TV.

* Available on 2021 Samsung Smart TVs and onwards excluding The Sero and The Premiere. Internet connection, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and compatible controller required. Fees apply.

The best of TV,
All for free

Samsung TV Plus

Enjoy free live streaming TV with Samsung TV Plus.* Choose from a variety of channels offering news, sports, entertainment and more. All you need is an Internet connection.

* Internet connection required. Available content subject to change.

TV — the center of your smart home

Smart Home

Control your compatible Samsung and third party devices through your Samsung smart TV with built-in SmartThings. Monitor your electricity usage, home cameras or see who's at your front door from the comfort of your couch - all to make your life easier, more secure and more connected.*

* Requires Samsung 2023 TV and Samsung Account, internet connection and SmartThings enabled devices. Please visit www.samsung.com/au/apps/smartthings/ for a list of current compatible devices.

Your phone and TV, they just click

A smartphone screen and a Samsung TV simultaneously display a mirrored image of nine people. The identical picture appears on both devices. A smartphone screen and a Samsung TV simultaneously display a mirrored image of nine people. The identical picture appears on both devices.

Connect Phone

Connect your compatible phone to your Samsung Smart TV and enjoy mobile content on a larger screen.* Additionally, experience the optimised multi-screen feature, which enables you to watch both TV and smartphone content simultaneously.**

* Feature is available on Windows 10, Android 6.0 and higher mobile devices that support Mirror Casting and Apple devices supporting Apple AirPlay 2. Available on Samsung 2023 TVs.
**Feature is available on Windows 10, Android 6.0 and higher mobile devices that support Multi View.

Remote controller charged with sunlight and indoor lighting

SolarCell One Remote

This all-in-one solar-powered remote charges with indoor or outdoor light, so you can say goodbye to disposable batteries.

Expanding boundaries with
Apple TV+ app & AirPlay 2

Apple TV+ app
& AirPlay 2

Apple Original series and films from Apple TV+. Enjoy exclusive live sports, premium channels and thousands of movies on the Apple TV+ app on your Samsung Smart TV.*

* Subscription required for Apple TV+. Data usage charges may apply.
* AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later. * TV and Apple devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network to use AirPlay 2.
* Compatible devices only. WiFi connection required.

Help me choose

Discover your ideal TV and make it yours in a few simple steps

Explore Smart TVs

  • Overview

  • Screen Size

  • Starting Price

  • More Wow than ever, Neo QLED 8K
  • 85/75/65"
  • $6,499
  • More Wow than ever in 4K, Neo QLED
  • 98/85/75/65/55/50/43"
  • $1,999
  • Experience the Wow difference of Samsung OLED
  • 77/65/55"
  • $3,299
  • Long-lasting brilliance, colourful possibilities
  • 98/85/75/65/55"
  • $1,799
  • TV when it’s on. Art when it’s off
  • 85/75/65/55/50/43/32"
  • $799
  • Change the way you play
  • Up to 100"
  • $1,299
  • Beautiful from any angle
  • 65/55/43"
  • $1,299
  • Turn your home into the movies with a 130” screen*
  • Up to 120 - 130"
  • $5,999
  • Built for outdoor entertainment
  • 75/65/55"
  • $3,999
  • Mobile entertainment on TV
  • 43"
  • $1,749

Your gateway to the
world of Samsung

You will need a Samsung account to access Smart Hub, our network-based smart service that includes apps (e.g., streaming service apps) and our other smart features available through your device.

There are various benefits when you log in to your Samsung account.

Brings you the best apps
Hundreds of apps are available for free download and auto-updating.

Link your account directly from your Galaxy phone, and enjoy the TV experience straight away.
Easy connection through mobile phone and no need for additional app settings anymore with the backup feature when sign-in.
* Downloaded app lists and their order will be restored.

Smart daily life, Bixby
Ask Bixby to show recommendations, to make quick searches or to control connected devices.
All you need is just to say "Hi, Bixby" and then it will appear on your screen.

  • Image simulated for illustration purposes. Any changes in appearance and design specifications that do not affect product performance may occur without prior notice.
  1. Smart Hub: Prior to use, you must agree to the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Some services require registration and subscription. A Samsung account is required. The user interface (UI) is subject to change without prior notice. 
  2. SmartThings: The available technologies, functions and features may vary depending on the country, service provider, network environment or product, and are subject to change without notice. A Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless network connection and login to a Samsung account are required. Connected devices are sold separately. The use of calm technology requires agreement to both the SmartThings privacy notice and the automatic device registration. The UI is subject to change without prior notice. The built-in hub functionality is available on Samsung Smart TVs from 2022 onwards, but the specific specifications may vary depending on the model so refer to the product details page for more information.
  3. SolarCell One Remote: To charge the remote using solar energy, place the TV remote down with the solar panel facing up. It can be positioned in your living room while the lights are turned on, or near a window to absorb natural sunlight. The availability of the SolarCell One Remote may vary depending on the TV model, so please refer to the product details page.
  4. Samsung TV Plus: The channel lineup may vary by country and is subject to change without notification. The supported Samsung devices may vary by country. A Samsung account is required. The UI is subject to change without prior notice. Advertisements may appear on Samsung TV Plus.
  5. Bixby voice commands support English (US/UK), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions are recognised.
  6. Apple TV app & AirPlay: Apple TV+ subscription required for access to Apple TV+ content. AirPlay functionality requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later. To utilise AirPlay, both the TV and Apple devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Note that AirPlay is compatible with specific devices only.