Environmental care

Eco-Conscious Service

Meet our new badge

Exclusively used in customer service area where our environmentally conscious service projects have been applied.

● The badge expresses our will to provide Customer Services with a mind set of environmental care.

● The blue spanner of the logo icon represents Samsung Customer Service and the green leaf which completes the spanner implies our care for the natural environment.

● We are using the logo to specific areas of our service where our unique “Eco Service” projects are implemented.

Eco Repair

You can choose to reduce e-waste by replacing only the parts needed.

● We’re introducing component-level repairs that aim to replace only the defective part(s) of your product instead of replacing entire assembly modules.

● By minimising the amount of service parts used in the repair process, we can reduce production of parts, which reduces electronic waste, and ultimately carbon emissions.

● This service is only available for specific smartphones and repair types. You may visit Screen Repair Pricing for more details.

Eco Box

Drop-off your old mobile devices to our collection points. We will take care of them for recycling

At our main service locations, we have placed e-waste collection boxes. Any customer who wants to dispose broken or used mobile products can simply drop them off to collection boxes.

We will deliver them to recycling companies so that we can take care of the last step of product lifecycle in a sustainable way.

* Subject for this program: small products such as mobile phone or wearable devices.

Eco Package

Customers will receive their repaired products in eco-friendly packages

Instead of using a fancy good-looking package for a repaired product, we’ll use packages that are eco-friendly for you and our environment.

If you find our “Eco Service” logo from a package, it means the package is made of eco-friendly materials such as FSC certified boxes, recycled paper or recyclable plastic.