How do I use Auto Volume on my Smart TV?

Last modified : May 09. 2018

Auto Volume in Samsung Smart TV is a feature that helps to avoid volume fluctuation when changing the channels. This prevents a dramatic increase or decrease of audio from the TV Speakers.


When you change channels, video sources, or content, Auto Volume automatically adjusts the TV's volume level so that it remains the same for all sources. Auto Volume can modify the volume up to 12db to equalise the sound.


If you want to use the volume control of a connected source device, deactivate the Auto Volume function. When you use the Auto Volume function with a source device, the device's volume control may not function as expected. Please note the following images may differ depending on the model of your television.


Follow the instruction below to enable or disable the Auto Volume control on your television:

1 Turn on your Smart TV and press the Menu key from the remote control. Please note that you can control the menu options from the lever located at the back of the television (most modern TV models) in case your remote control is not working.
Smart TV: How do I use Auto Volume?
2 Press the down arrow key to select Sound. Press the Right arrow key on the remote to make a selection.
Smart TV: How do I use Auto Volume?
3 Select Expert Settings on your remote control. Press the Enter key to open options under Expert Settings.
Smart TV: How do I use Auto Volume?
4 Scroll and select Auto Volume using the down arrow key on your remote.
Smart TV: How do I use Auto Volume?
5 Press the Enter key to open Auto Volume options. If your selection is Off then Auto Volume will be disabled. If your selection is Normal then Auto Volume will be enabled or when Night is selected, the function is activated during the night hours for late night viewing only (If NIGHT is selected then the function will remain disabled during day hours).
Smart TV: How do I use Auto Volume?

Please note: Auto Volume has two modes:

●       Normal - applies a normal level of volume adjustment.
●       Night - applies a slightly lower volume level, ideal for late-night TV viewing.

6 Press the EXIT button on your remote control to exit the menu displayed on your television.
Smart TV: How do I use Auto Volume?

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