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Up Close and Behind
The Scenes With BTS

See what the K-pop sensations get up to when they’re not performing #withGalaxy.

All the members of k-pop group BTS sitting or kneeling down facing forward posing for a BTS group photo on Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
The video starts with SUGA holding the phone with the camera facing him, the screen is split and the words Galaxy S20 appear on the left side. The next few scenes show a three-way split video of various BTS members smiling and dancing as they look at the camera. The video ends with the band taking a group selfie as the words Captured #withGalaxy S20 series appear on the screen.

So how do the members of BTS relax off stage? We spent some time with the K-pop stars to give fans an inside look #withGalaxy. Check out these BTS behind-the-scenes highlights and see a different side to the band.*

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Downtime just got better

From perfecting your selfie angles to gaming at hyperfast 5G speeds, here are the tools you need to take your free time to the next level.

Front and rear view of a Grey Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G overlaying eachother from side to side

Galaxy S20 Series 5G

A product shot of a pair of sky blue Galaxy Buds+ sitting in their sky blue case

Galaxy Buds+

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