Samsung Washer - Is your washer getting enough water?

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Water consumption

In recent years, as federal standards have become increasingly tough, washers are using less water and energy. Samsung high efficiency washing machines are designed to use HE detergent only and as little water as possible for energy efficiency. The water level may appear to be too low, but this is normal. Samsung front loader washers use approximately 13 gallons of water per cycle and the top loaders use up to 28 gallons per cycle. Samsung washing machines use such small amounts of water pushing water through the laundry, instead of pushing the laundry through the water.

The provided information refers to appliances sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for devices sold in other countries.

Top loader washing machines

People very often feel like their washing machine is not getting enough water. This is especially true for people who have switched from a traditional top loader to a high efficiency top loader. This is a common misconception. Non-HE top loader models can use over 40 gallons of water per cycle. Samsung HE top loaders use up to 28 gallons of water per cycle. A household running 2 loads of laundry a week can easily save 1250 gallons of water a year. This is a significant saving.

Is my Samsung washing machine getting enough water?

Samsung top loader washing machines have an "Auto Load Sensing" function, which determines the water level based off the weight of the load of laundry.

Settings that increase the water amount

Various options and settings on the washing machine can increase the amount of water used throughout the cycle. Some examples of settings include:

     • Extra Rinse
     • Aqua Jet
     • Setting a higher soil level
     • Using the Heavy Duty cycle instead of Normal

Not all options are available on all models. To see what options are available, refer to the user manual or the control panel on the unit.

Tips and notes:

   • Bulky items such as comforters, blankets and sheets will often not receive enough water on Normal or Heavy Duty cycles, and should only be washed using the Bedding cycle. When washing comforters, use liquid detergent for better results.

   • Waterproof or water-resistant items (including water-resistant bedding) should always use the Waterproof cycle. If the unit does not have a Waterproof cycle, the Delicates cycle can be used, and select Warm water temperature, and Medium spin speed.

   • If items in the washing machine are coming out wet with dry spots at the end of the cycle, it is possible that the unit is being overloaded. This is most common with mixed loads containing large, bulky items, such as comforters. In this case, remove a few items to create a balanced load. Remember to use the Bedding cycle for bulky items like comforters.

This information does not apply to the Samsung WA3000 washer which is not an HE model.

Front loader washing machines

To verify if the proper amount of water is being used, perform the following:

1 Empty the washing machine completely.
2 Turn the washer on and select a Normal cycle.
4 The washer will partially fill with water and the drum will rotate during the initial fill:
Is my Samsung washing machine getting enough water?
5 Once the initial fill is complete, the wash portion of the cycle will begin and the tub will fill will more water. At this time, the water in your washer should be about the same amount as the image below:
Is my Samsung washing machine getting enough water?

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