Understanding the meaning of icons on your Samsung dryer

Last Update date : Jan 31. 2024
An icon is highlighted on the control panel of a Samsung dryer

Navigating the myriad of icons on your Samsung dryer's display can sometimes feel like deciphering an unknown language. Each icon holds crucial information about the dryer's current function or status, guiding you to optimal usage. In this comprehensive guide, we decode the symbols on Samsung dryers, explaining their meanings in detail. Whether you're a new user or looking to get the most out of your appliance, understanding these icons can significantly enhance your laundry experience.

Note: The information provided here is relevant for dryers sold in Canada. Dryers in other countries might feature different screens and settings. Also, the appearance and availability of icons can vary between models. For model-specific details, refer to your dryer's user manual. Don't miss our guide on error codes for further insights into your dryer's functionality.

Sensor Dry

This icon signifies that a Sensor Dry cycle is in progress.

Sensor Dry Sensor Dry

Child Lock

Indicates that Child Lock is activated, disabling all buttons except the Power button and the control knob.

Child Lock Child Lock

Delay Start

Shows that Delay Start is set, with a cycle scheduled to begin at a later time.

Delay Start Delay Start

Filter Reminder

Appears after each load as a nudge to clean the lint filter, regardless of its current state. On some models, it may blink to draw extra attention.

Filter Reminder Filter Reminder

Time Remaining

The hourglass icon shows a timed cycle is running, with the displayed number indicating the remaining time.

Time Remaining Time Remaining

Signal Off

Indicates that the end-of-cycle signal sounds are deactivated.

Signal Off Signal Off

Mixed Load Bell

Activates an alert when the cycle reaches 80% dryness, suggesting the removal of lighter items. If unpaused, the cycle continues as normal.

Mixed Load Bell Mixed Load Bell

Vent Check

Signals the need for exhaust vent cleaning, lighting up when approximately 60% clogged and blinking when 80% clogged.

Vent Check Vent Check


Indicates the Steam feature is active, spraying water during the cycle for a steam effect.

Steam Steam

Smart Care

Shows that Smart Care is enabled, allowing error code diagnosis via a phone camera.

Smart Care Smart Care

Smart Control

Signifies readiness for remote control via a mobile device using SmartThings.

Smart Control Smart Control


Indicates a wireless network connection. The dryer can be monitored (but not controlled) using SmartThings if the Smart Control icon is off.

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

Cycle Progress

These icons illuminate or blink to show the cycle's current status, with patterns varying across models.

Cycle Progress Cycle Progress

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