Safeguarding your home with Child Lock on Samsung washers and dryers

Last Update date : Nov 28. 2023
Teenagers are safely interacting with a Samsung Washer and Dryer

Samsung washing machines and dryers are essential in many households, but they can also be a source of concern when it comes to safety, especially around children. With Samsung’s Child Lock feature, you can rest easy. This function disables the control panel buttons (except the Power button), preventing accidental start-ups or tampering by children. For many models, Child Lock also secures the door, ensuring it remains locked even if the washer is restarted. Need to add laundry mid-cycle? Simply deactivate Child Lock, add your items, and reactivate it.

Note: The provided information refers to washers and dryers sold in Canada.

Note: For front-loading washers, Child Lock also locks the door. If you encounter difficulty opening the door after deactivating Child Lock, it may be because the cycle is still in progress.

Activating Child Lock

On your Samsung appliance, Child Lock is enabled by pressing a specific two-button combination, usually marked on the control panel. Sometimes, the "Child Lock" label is accompanied by lines pointing to these buttons. Alternatively, a Child Lock icon (resembling a smiling lock or a baby) indicates the buttons to press.

Child Lock activation buttons highlighted on a Samsung washing machine

If the button combination is unclear, refer to your user manual for detailed instructions. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously until you hear a chime, indicating that Child Lock is activated.

Deactivating Child Lock

To turn off Child Lock, press and hold the same two buttons until the Child Lock icon turns off.

To turn off Child Lock on models with a “Temporary off” feature, press and hold both buttons once until the icon flashes. Then, press and hold the buttons again until the icon turns off. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions.

Here are some additional details to help you utilize the Child Lock feature more effectively:

  • The specific buttons for enabling/disabling Child Lock and the buttons that remain operational while it's active vary between models and depend on whether a cycle is running.

  • On certain top-load washers, Child Lock does not secure the door. In such models, if the washer is opened with excess water inside, the water will drain to a safe level. To prevent this drainage, disable Child Lock.

  • Restarting your washer or dryer will not turn off Child Lock.

  • FlexWash and FlexDry models have individual Child Lock settings for each control panel.

  • Many models include a “Temporary off” setting. When activated, the Child Lock icon flashes, and the door unlocks temporarily. After one minute, Child Lock reengages and locks the door again. If the door remains open after two minutes, an alarm sounds. Closing the door within this period keeps Child Lock active; leaving it open deactivates the feature.

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