Remove hard water buildup from your Samsung dishwasher

Last Update date : Apr 08. 2024
A Samsung dishwasher with its door slightly open

Encountering chalk on the sidewalk may bring back fond memories of childhood drawings. However, discovering chalk-like residue in your dishwasher can be less than nostalgic. This white residue is a sign of hard water, but there are ways to restore the look of your appliances.

Note: The following information is specifically applicable to dishwashers sold in Canada, where hard water is a common issue.

Hard water contains high concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up over time, leaving a scaly, white residue on surfaces. Health Canada states that most homes in Canada have hard water, which can cause grime and residue to accumulate not just in dishwashers but also in washing machines, affecting both the appliances' efficiency and the longevity of clothes and dishes.

A water softener or home filter system can address this problem by providing soft water throughout your home, reducing mineral buildup.

Hard water buildup on an appliance's heating element Hard water buildup on an appliance's heating element

If investing in a water softener is outside your budget, there are several cleaning methods you can use to combat hard water buildup:

❶ Empty the dishwasher: Remove all dishes and utensils.

❷ Vinegar bath: Fill a cup with vinegar.

❸ Position the cup: Place the cup on the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

❹ Run a cycle: Close the door and run the dishwasher on its normal cycle. The vinegar will mix with the water and circulate throughout the interior.

❺ Air it out: Open the dishwasher post-cycle to let it air out properly.

❻ Scrub off residue: Use an old toothbrush to scrub away any lingering residue.

❼ Final rinse: Run the dishwasher once more on a regular cycle with just water, no detergent, to eliminate any remaining vinegar residue. This will leave your dishes looking immaculate, sparing you from hand-washing them for a while - a definite win!

A clean and sparkling Samsung dishwasher situated in a kitchen A clean and sparkling Samsung dishwasher situated in a kitchen

By following these steps, you can effectively manage hard water buildup in your Samsung dishwasher, ensuring it operates efficiently and your dishes come out clean and spotless. Remember to consult your model's specific care instructions to maintain its warranty and performance.

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