Samsung dishwasher cycle takes a long time to finish

Last Update date : Apr 17. 2024
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Dishwasher cycle durations typically fall within the 80-150-minute range, influenced by the selected cycle and soil level. Longer cycles, spanning 2 to 3 hours, are not uncommon. It's essential to note that this phenomenon applies universally across all manufacturers, including Samsung. If you find the cycle length excessive, follow these steps to identify potential causes.

Note: The information provided pertains to dishwashers available in Canada. Settings and options may vary for appliances sold in other countries.

Prior to investigation, ensure your dishwasher genuinely surpasses the 3-hour cycle threshold. If your dishwasher runs beyond 3 hours while being connected to a hot water line, professional service is recommended. You can conveniently request assistance by visiting our dedicated Service Centre.

Extended cycle times are frequently attributed to cold water usage. While it's possible to link the dishwasher to a cold water source, this approach isn't advisable. If your dishwasher connects to cold water, expect elongated cycles as the machine must heat the water to the required temperature, impacting cleaning performance.

To optimize results, ensure your dishwasher is connected to a hot water source. Begin by running your sink faucet until hot water flows, then initiate the dishwasher cycle. This ensures solely pre-heated water enters the dishwasher, eliminating the need for internal heating.

Note: For additional information, consult our comprehensive guide on water supply requirements.

Exercise caution: do not remove the insulation material (green felt). This material serves as both a sound insulator and a heat-retaining layer, optimizing the dishwasher's performance. Eliminating this material compromises heat retention, leading to cooler internal temperatures and consequently, extended wash cycles.

Inspect the insulation material of your Samsung dishwasher

Should you find that this material has been tampered with or removed, professional intervention is essential. Arrange for a service visit through our dedicated Service Centre. Keep in mind that removed insulation material will not be covered under warranty.

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