How to properly load your Samsung dishwasher

Last Update date : Sep 28. 2023
A young woman is loading a Samsung dishwasher

Loading your dishwasher correctly is essential for optimal cleaning and drying performance. While specific recommendations may vary by model, these general guidelines will help you get the best results.

Note: The provided information pertains to dishwashers sold in Canada; features and options may differ in other countries.

  1. Plan ahead: Consider the number and size of dishes to determine the optimal load pattern. Refer to your user manual for model-specific load patterns.

  2. Utilize features: Take advantage of your dishwasher's foldable, adjustable, and removable parts to configure the best setup for each load. Refer to the user manual for descriptions of your model's features.

  3. Prep dishes: Remove food debris, such as bones, seeds, toothpicks, or paper, as they can damage dishes, create noise, or lead to malfunctions.

  4. Load strategically: Position the dirtiest side of each dish toward the center of the dishwasher. Place open items, like pots or cups, face down for proper water coverage, and ensure there's enough space between dishes.

  5. Check nozzles: After loading, manually spin the spray nozzles to ensure they're unobstructed. Rearrange any items, like pot handles, that may block the nozzles.

  6. Adjust settings: Match the cycle type, soil level, and other settings to the loaded dishes. Use the recommended amount of detergent and rinse aid.

• For larger items, like pots and pans, use the bottom rack.

• If washing smaller items, like glassware, on the upper rack, leave the bottom rack empty.

• Some models advise against placing plastic items on the lower rack; consult your user manual for guidance.

The lower rack of a Samsung dishwasher is loaded The lower rack of a Samsung dishwasher is loaded

• Place smaller items, including glasses, cups, saucers, mugs, and dishwasher-safe plastic items, on the upper rack.

• Utilize a glass support rack for stemware if your model has one.

The upper rack of a Samsung dishwasher is loaded The upper rack of a Samsung dishwasher is loaded

• Ensure that forks and spoons do not nest together. Some cutlery baskets have individual slots; consult your user manual for loading recommendations.

• Load knives with handles up and spoons and forks with handles down.

• Secure small, lightweight items to prevent them from coming loose during the cycle.

• Some models offer a dedicated cutlery section in the upper rack or even an entire third rack for cutlery. Check your user manual for model-specific features.

The cutlery of a Samsung dishwasher is loaded The cutlery of a Samsung dishwasher is loaded

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