Samsung Washer - Water is not draining

Last Update date : Oct 07. 2020
Samsung Washer - Water is not draining

If you receive a no drain or overflow error, water does not drain, or if it overflows from the washer, follow the instructions in this guide to get your washer draining water again.

The provided information refers to washers sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries. If a cycle with hot water temperature settings (such as Pure Cycle or Sanitize) was run recently, the water in the washer may be very hot. Allow approximately one hour for the water to cool before performing this procedure to avoid possible injury.

Step #1: Turn off the washer and check the level

If the washer isn't level it may not drain correctly. Make sure your washer is level. You can use the user manual to get information about the procedure.

Step #2: Inspect the drain hose

Incorrect drain hose installation is the most common reason for drain issues, and service is rarely required. For more information, the full installation instructions are available in the user manual.

Verify the drain hose:

  • is not inserted more than 6 inches and less than 8 inches into the standpipe or sink.
  • is secured so it will not slip down farther.
  • does not form an airtight connection.
  • is not kinked, bent, or damaged.
  • is at least 18 inches high (24 inches for wash basins).
  • is not higher than 96 inches (35 inches for wash basins).
  • is not using a drain hose extension kit.
Inspect the drain hose

Do not remove the screw on the back of the washer that holds the drain hose against the washer. If the screw has been removed, screw it and the holder back in with any screw that fits. If the holder is missing, service is required.

Step #3: Clean the pump filter (front loaders only)

Clean the pump filter periodically to help improve cleaning performance and help prevent odors. A clogged debris filter reduces the effectiveness of the draining system.

Step #4: Turn the washer back on and start a cycle

The washer should drain at the beginning of the test cycle. If it does not, visit our Support Centre to request service.

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