Reset Bluetooth settings on your Galaxy phone

Last Update date : Apr 16. 2024
A Galaxy phone screen showing the Bluetooth settings menu, next to a pair of Galaxy Buds Live, indicating a pairing process

Resetting Bluetooth settings on your Galaxy phone can be an effective solution if you are experiencing connectivity issues. Bluetooth is an essential feature that enables you to connect your phone to other devices wirelessly, such as headphones, speakers, and smartwatches. However, sometimes Bluetooth connections can be unstable, causing frustrating issues like audio dropouts, disconnections, and difficulty pairing. If you are experiencing these issues, resetting your Bluetooth settings can help resolve them.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

1 Navigate to and tap Settings.
2 Tap Connections.
3 Tap the Bluetooth switch to turn it off.
A Galaxy phone is displaying the Connections settings menu
4 Wait a few seconds and tap the switch again to turn the Bluetooth back on.

Note: If you're still experiencing issues connecting your phone to Bluetooth devices, resetting your network settings may help (see next section).

In case you still face connectivity problems, please try the following procedure to reset the network settings on your device:

1 Navigate to and tap Settings.
2 Scroll to and tap General management.
3 Scroll to and tap Reset.
4 Tap Reset network settings.
A Galaxy phone is displaying the Reset menu
5 Tap Reset settings.
6 Tap Reset and all network settings will be reset immediately.
A Galaxy phone is displaying a Reset button
7 You'll need to reconnect your mobile device to Wi-Fi and follow the pairing procedures to connect your phone to Bluetooth devices again.

Note: When you reset the network settings of your device, you may lose registered information (especially about network connectivity) when performing the reset.

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