Reset the Welcome Code on your SmartThings Hub

Last Update date : Aug 19. 2021
Reset the Welcome Code on your SmartThings Hub

If you are having any trouble with the initial setup on your SmartThings hub, you may need to reset the Welcome Code. The SmartThings Hub v2 (2015) and the SmartThings Hub v1 (2013) are each given a unique 6-character Welcome Code that is required to activate them. However, keep in mind the SmartThings Hub v3 (2018) and SmartThings Wi-Fi do not use Welcome Codes.

Note: The provided information refers to devices sold in Canada. The available screens and settings may differ for devices sold in other countries. All device connections and configurations associated with the hub will be lost when you perform a factory reset. All devices connected to the hub must be reset or excluded before they can be reconnected. You can visit the SmartThings website to check device compatibility and gather more information.

You may need to reset your Welcome Code if you see one of the following messages during setup:

  • "No unclaimed Hub found for that Welcome Code"
  • "Invalid Welcome Code"
  • "Zigbee ID must be unique"
  • "This Hub was previously used and cannot be activated"

If you have a SmartThings Hub v1 (2013) or a Hub v2 with a firmware version below 17.11, you can try to reset the hub and Welcome Code by deleting the Location it is assigned to.

SmartThings Hub v1 (2013)

If you do not have the account access needed to delete the hub, contact 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) and provide the hub's serial number. You may also need to provide a photo of the hub's serial number and barcode, located either on the bottom of the hub or inside the battery compartment.

A factory reset is the only way to reset the Welcome Code on your SmartThings Hub v2. After the reset, you can reactivate the hub using the original, unique Welcome Code that was included with your hub. It should be located either on a card under the hub's tray in the box or inside the hub's battery compartment.

First, make sure the Hub is plugged in with the included power and network cables. Then, use a small tool to press the RESET button on the back of the hub, releasing it when the LED on the front switches from flashing yellow to solid. If you do not release the button, the hub may not reset. Once the LED on the hub turns solid green, try completing the setup.

SmartThings Hub v2 (2015)

If resetting the hub does not resolve the issue with the Welcome Code, contact 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) and provide the hub's serial number.

Note: The firmware version needs to be 17.11 or above.

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