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What is Smart Octopus?
Smart Octopus is the next generation Octopus service jointly provided by Samsung Pay and Octopus. With Smart Octopus, you can simply pay with your supported Galaxy smartphone everywhere Octopus is accepted.
How can I get a Smart Octopus?
You can transfer eligible* physical Octopus to your Galaxy smartphone and your Octopus information will be stored in your Galaxy smartphone.

If you do not have an Octopus, or your existing Octopus is ineligible, you can also get a new Smart Octopus using credit / debit cards you added in Samsung Pay.

* Only On-Loan Adult Octopus and On-Loan Elder Octopus with a 9-digit Octopus number (eight digits plus one single digit inside the bracket, e.g. 12345678(9)) can be transferred to Smart Octopus.
Where can I use Smart Octopus?
Just like physical Octopus, you can use Smart Octopus at transportation and merchants accepting Octopus, such as government tunnel, car park, access control system, campus facility and vending machines.
Can I add a Personalised Octopus in Smart Octopus?
Currently, Smart Octopus does not support Personalised Octopus.
Which handsets work with Smart Octopus?
The following devices supports Smart Octopus service:

Samsung Galaxy Note9, Note8, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, A9, A8s, A8 Star, A8+, C9 Pro, C7 Pro and C5 Pro
More device models will be available soon.
Can I use Smart Octopus on Smart Watch?
Smart Watch only support bank cards but not Smart Octopus.
Any charge for Smart Octopus service?
Smart Octopus is currently a free service.
Can Smart Octopus be used for Octopus Rewards, membership system and residence access control system?
Yes, it can. The application procedures is the same as physical Octopus. To view your Smart Octopus number, simply select "Octopus" in the main menu of the Samsung Pay. The Octopus number is shown at the right bottom corner of the Smart Octopus image.
Can I still use Smart Octopus if my battery runs out?
To allow normal operation in Smart Ocotpus, it is advised to keep the smartphone with sufficient battery. If the battery has run out, please do not turn on the smartphone forcefully. The preserved battery in the smartphone can support limited transactions with Smart Octopus.
Is Internet connection required when using Smart Octopus?
Internet connection is not required when using Octopus for transport and retail payment. Selected functions will require Internet connection, e.g. Adding a new Smart Octopus, Add value to Smart Octopus through Samsung Pay, deletion of Smart Octopus, online payment or transfers with O! ePay, etc.
Do I need to do anything when I change the network service provider?
No, Samsung Pay and Smart Octopus service will not be affected.
Do Smart Octopus eligible for the same offers or rewards as Octopus cards?
Yes, Smart Octopus users are eligible for the same offers/rewards as Octopus.
Can I register more than one Smart Octopus?
No, each Samsung account can only register ONE Smart Octopus in one Samsung Pay account.
How to use Smart Octopus?
Simply tap your phone towards the Octopus Reader for transaction, just like any Octopus. Once added into Samsung Pay, Smart Octopus can be used for Octopus payment without turning on the screen or any authentication. Even when the smartphone has run out of battery, Smart Octopus is still in service for a limited time.
How to add Smart Octopus into Samsung Pay?
  1. Make sure your Samsung Pay application is up-to-date.
  2. Tap the "Octopus" icon. Samsung Pay may prompt you to update the Smartphone system if required.
  3. Select either "Transfer physical Octopus to Samsung Pay", or "Add New Smart Octopus"

Transfer physical Octopus into Smart Octopus
  1. Select physical Octopus in the Octopus App. If the Octopus App has not been installed, the system will prompt to Google Play for the application installation.
  2. Tap your Octopus towards your smartphone. Only annoymous on-loan Adult Octopus or Elder Octopus which the card number has 8-digit plus 1 bracketed digit is eligible for the transfer.
  3. Follow instructions on screen to verify that you are the card holder.
  4. Tap the Octopus again towards your smartphone. The Octopus will then be invalidated and your card information will transferred to Smart Octopus.
  5. When the transfer process is completed, Smart Octopus is added into your smartphone.

Issue A New Smart Octopus
  1. Select the type of Smart Octopus under "Add New Smart Octopus" and tick to confirm having read and agreed the terms and conditions.
  2. Select the initial top-up amount and provide the payment information for Smart Octopus refund when required.
  3. Confirm payment making through the added credit / debit card(s) and authenticate it by fingerprint / PIN / iris scanning.
  4. New Smart Octopus is added into the smartphone.
Do verification required when using Smart Octopus?
Just like physical Octopus, you can make payment through Smart Octopus without turning on the screen or any authenication.
How to claim back the HK$50 deposit in the on-loan Octopus?
When you transfer your physical Octopus to Samsung Pay, the physical Octopus is disabled. The HK$50 deposit paid for the on-loan Octopus will be transferred as deposit for Smart Octopus.
Where is the sensor in the Smart Octopus?
Smart Octopus's sensor is next to the Smartphone camera.
Why I cannot choose to pay via Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay?
You need to turn on the NFC function and tap the smartphone towards Octopus reader to complete payment.
Why Smart Octopus payment does not work even when I have turned on the NFC function in smartphone?
You are advised to check whether "Embedded Secure Element" is selected in the NFC default setting. Please go to "Setting" > "Connection" > "NFC and Pay" to update the setting as required.
What types of Smart Octopus are avaliable in Samsung Pay?
Adult Smart Octopus and Elder Smart Octopus are avaliable.
How to review my transaction history?
You can review the up to 40 latest transanctions by choosing "Octopus" in Samsung Pay's Home page.
Where can I locate the Octopus number?
The Octopus number can be obtained by choosing "Octopus" in Samsung Pay's Home page, the number is shown on the lower right corner of the Smart Octopus image.
What should I do when Octopus payment does not process through the Octopus reader properly?
Please tap the smartphone to the Octopus reader again. You may also open Samsung Pay to check if the settings are correct.
What should I do if I want to change to another phone?
If your new smartphone supports Samsung Pay and Smart Octopus services, you shall follow the steps below to transfer your Smart Octopus, including the remaining value and services, to the new smartphone:
  1. Open Samsung Pay in your old Smartphone, then Select "Octopus".
  2. Select "delete card" and then tick to choose "back up and delete".
  3. Open Samsung Pay and login to Samsung Account on you new Smartphone then select "Octopus". The application will prompt "Transfer Octopus". Press "Transfer" to complete the process.

Note: After transferring Smart Octopus, the Octopus number will change. Hourly and Monthly Parking Management, MTR Park & Ride Scheme, New World First Ferry Monthly Ticket/Holiday Return Ticket, Citybus/New World First Bus Day Pass cannot be transfer into the new smartphone. You should add a new Smart Octopus and register for these service again.
Will the information of Smart Octopus still keep to the Smartphone after phone resetting?
No, if you reset your smartphone, all information of Smart Octopus will be deleted and you need to add a new Smart Octopus again.
Can the remaining balance in Smart Octopus be transferred to O!ePay?
Yes, the remaining value of Smart Octopus and O! ePay can be transferrd reciprocally in Octopus App.
Can Smart Octopus make online payments?
Yes. You can use Smart Octopus to pay at merchants supporting Octopus Online Payment.
Are all the services registered in Octopus can be transferred to Smart Octopus?
Most of the Octopus services / offers can be transferred to the Smart Octopus, including:
  • The remaining value in Octopus
  • The latest transaction records
  • Automatic Add Value Service
  • Octopus Reward$
  • Octopus Rewards - e-Stamp
  • Residential Building/Commercial Building/Campus Access Control System
  • Campus Management System
  • Residential Building/Commercial Building/Campus Shuttle Services
  • Cafe de Coral Club 100 Membership, Bonus Point and e-cash
  • Concession Fares and Services of MTR:
    • Student Travel Scheme
    • Light Rail Personalised Octopus Frequent User Bonus Scheme
    • Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau Concessionary Travel Scheme
    • MTR Monthly Pass Extra
    • MTR "10% Same-Day Second Trip Discount" (if applicable)
    • MTR Fare Savers Discount
    • MTR Club Membership and Bonus Points
    • Airport Express "Ride to Rewards" Programme Membership and Bonus Points

Only a few services/offers can not be transferred:
  • Hourly and Monthly Parking Management
  • MTR Park & Ride Scheme
  • New World First Ferry Monthly Ticket/Holiday Return Ticket
  • Citybus/New World First Bus Day Pass

The relevant services/offers cannot be transferred to Smart Octopus. It is advised to add a new Smart Octopus and re-register from the respective services/offers.
What to do when failed to transfer the Octopus to Smart Octopus in the Samsung Pay?
When transfer physical Octopus to Smart Octopus fails, you may try again by tapping the “Octopus” icon in Samsung Pay to download the Smart Octopus again. If problem presists, please contact Samsung Pay Customer Service Hotline (+852 2121 9088) or Octopus Customer Service Hotline (+852 2266 2222)。
How to recharge Smart Octopus?
Just like physical Octopus, you can add value by cash at designated locations. You can also use Auto Add Value Service (AAVS).

Alternatively, you can add value through credit card / debit card and transfer money from O!ePay account through O!ePay shortcut in Samsung Pay. For details, please refer to "How to add value in Smart Octopus"
Are there any limitations when using credit card/debit card to recharge Smart Ocotpus in Samsung Pay?
To add value in Samsung Pay to Smart Octopus, the add value amount ranges from HK$300 to HK$1,000. Please note the stored value cannot exceed HK$1,000 after adding value.
Is it secure to add value using Samsung Pay?
When you add bank card to Samsung Pay, a specific digital card is allocated into your Smartphone by Samsung Pay and Card Network through tokenization to represent the respective credit card. The digital card is stored in Secure Envionment using Samsung Knox technology to protect your payment information. Your bank card details are not stored in Samsung Pay except the last 4 digit of your card number for authenication.

When using a credit / debit card to add value, Samsung Pay app authenicate your identity with your iris scan, fingerprint or a 4 digit Samsung Pay specific PIN, to ensure each payment is authorised by you.
Can Auto Add Value Service (AAVS) be set up in Smart Octopus?
Just like physical Octopus, you can apply the Auto Add Value Service (AAVS) and activate it through Octopus App.
Where does the octopus card deposit go after the card transfer?
After card transfer, the deposit HK$50 in the on-loan physical Octopus is transferred as the Smart Octopus' deposit. If you would like to view the Smart Octopus deposit amount, please open Samsung Pay and select "Octopus". Then select "delete" to show the refundable deposit amount.
I don't want to use Smart Octopus anymore
To cancel Smart Octopus, tap "Octopus" in Samsung Pay, select "Delete" and choose "Delete and Refund". You will need to provide your name and mobile number for applying refund from Octopus.
Once Smart Octopus is deleted, you can apply for refund at Octopus website
I have cancelled Smart Octopus and want to get refund.
Please visit Octopus website and provide your name and mobile phone number for refund application.
What should I do if I lost my smartphone?
If you lost your smartphone, you are advised to lock or wipe your device through Samsung Find My Mobile service.
  1. Lock my phone
    NFC service will be turned off when the smartphone is successfully locked. Smart Octopus and bank card services will be restored when you unlock Samsung Pay on your smartphone. Please note Smart Octopus service is remain in service if your smartphone is not connected to Internet or powered off.

  2. Wipe my phone
    If you wipe your smartphone, your Smart Octopus and bank card will be deleted. If you are using AAVS service from Octopus, you should also call Octopus Report Lost hotline (24 hours) 2266 2266 or report lost via Octopus website

After wiping your smartphone, the Smart Octopus will be disabled permanently and you can only apply for refund.
What should I do after I find my smartphone by using "Find My Mobile" service?
If your device is locked, please open Samsung Pay and tap "Octopus" to restore the service.

If your device is wiped, please setup Samsung Pay and add Smart Octopus again.
What should I do if Smart Octopus is listed as disabled?
If your Smart Octopus is shown as disabled, please delete and add Smart Octopus.
Can Smart Octopus reverted into a physical Octopus?
No, you need to loan a new physical Octopus.
If I send in my phone for repair, do I have to reset Samsung Pay?
If you use Smart Octopus service, you will need to backup your Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay so you can transfer after repairing your device. We strongly recommend reset the Samsung Pay App and / or reset your mobile device through "Factory Data Reset" before visiting our service centre for repair. All payment information in Samsung Pay will be deleted. You will need to set up Samsung Pay and add your bank card again.
If I reset my device, what happens to my Samsung Pay service?
When performing a factory data reset, all bank card and Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay will be deleted. You will need to backup your Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay prior to reset so your Smart Octopus can be transfer to the same or other device using the same Samsung account. You will need to set up and add your bank card and Smart Octopus into Samsung Pay again.

Any enquiry, please contact us:

Based on compatibility of Samsung Pay on Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and/or Near Field Communication (NFC) card terminal, card terminal may need software upgrades. Samsung Pay is exclusive to selected Samsung smartphone models, participating card networks, card issuers (credit and/or debit cards) and merchants.

You agree that the use of Samsung Pay in each place is subject to the laws and regulations of the region and any other rules determined by the relevant merchant, payment processor, payment network, card issuer, regulator, and government authority. You should check the service availability for your region before use of Samsung Pay.

Devices supporting MST: Galaxy Note9, Note8, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, A8+, S7 edge, S7, S6 edge+, Note5 and Gear S3.

Devices supporting NFC: Galaxy Note9, Note8, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, A9, A8s, A8 Star, A8+, S7 edge, S7, S6 edge+, Note5, C9 Pro, C7 Pro, C5 Pro, Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport.

Devices supporting Smart Octopus: Galaxy Note9, Note8, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, A9, A8s, A8 Star, A8+, C9 Pro, C7 Pro and C5 Pro.

Some card issuers may not support all card types. Please contact your card issuer for details.

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