Windows 10: Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer

Last Update date : Sep 28. 2020

How to Change Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer DPI on PC (Hong-Kong version)?

• DPI [Dots Per Inch]

This is a unit for monitor displays or printer resolutions and refers to how many dots are in one inch. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution and the clearer the screen.



• Internet Explorer

1 Open Internet Explorer, then click on [Tools] at the upper right.
Internet Explorer, samsung, computers, pc, notebook, tools
2 Under [Zoom], set the ratio you want.
* If the ratio is 100%, websites will look normal.
zoom, internet explorer, ratio, website, samsung, pc, computers, notebook



• Microsoft Edge

1 Open Microsoft Edge, then click on [Menu] at the upper right.
Microsoft Edge, Menu, samsung, computers, pc, notebook, tablet
2 Under [Zoom], set the ratio you want.
* If the ratio is 100%, websites will look normal.
zoom, ratio, microsoft edge, website, samsung, pc, notebook, tablet
How to Set up YouTube HDR Video Streaming Playback on PC (Hong-Kong version)?

This is how to play a YouTube HDR video stream on an HDR monitor.

(Playback is available through software settings for some graphics cards that do not support hardware acceleration.)


• HDR [High Dynamic Range]

A technique that expands the dynamic range of brightness to look more realistic by making brighter spots brighter and darker spots darker in videos


1 Find and open [Microsoft Edge] on the taskbar.
samsung, pc, computer, notebook, tablet, microsoft edge, youtube, streaming, hdr
2 Type [about:flags] into the address bar to go to the developer page.
Type, about:flags, address bar, developer page, microsoft edge, samsung, pc, computer, notebook, tablet
3 On the developer page, under Media source extensions, turn [Enable VP9 video format] to [Always on].
samsung, pc, computer, notebook, youtube, hdr, streaming, playback, tablet, developer page, Media source extensions, Enable VP9 video format, Always on
[Windows 10] How to Set Internet Explorer as Default Browser on PC (Hong-Kong version)?

You can change your default browser to Internet Explorer.

1 Click the [Start] button on the taskbar, and then click [Settings].
start button, taskbar, settings, Set Internet Explorer as Default Browser, samsung, pc, notebook, tablet
2 Click [Apps].
windows-10-how-to-set-internet-explorer-as-default-browser-on-pc-hong-kong-version, apps, windows settings, samsung, pc, notebook, tablet
3 Select [Default apps].
Default apps, samsung, notebook, pc, tablet, settings, internet explorer, default browser
4 Click on the browser displayed under [Web browser] and then click [Internet Explorer].
browser, Web browser, ie, Internet Explorer, samsung, pc, computers, tablet
5 You can check that the browser has been changed.
browser, changed, change, default browser, ie, internet explorer, samsung, computer, pc, tablet
[Windows 10] How to Pin Internet Explorer to Start Screen on PC (Hong-Kong version)?

You can pin Internet Explorer to the Start screen.

1 Click the Search button on the taskbar.
pin, ie, internet explorer, start screen, start, pc, notebook, tablet, computer, hong kong, hk, search, taskbar
2 Type in “Internet Explorer” and search, then right-click on Internet Explorer.
how-to-pin-internet-explorer-to-start-screen-on-pc-hong-kong-version, hk, ie, computers, samsung, tablet, notebook,
3 Choose [Pin to Start] from the menu.
pin to start, ie, internet explorer, samsung computers, pc, notebook, tablet,
4 You can see the Internet Explorer app on the Start screen.
Internet Explorer, Start screen, ie, pin, samsung computers, tablet, notebook

- The above description is only applicable to the Windows 10 on Samsung computers (Hong-Kong version) in year 2018. The above description was updated in October 2018 and for reference only.

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