WR24 FlexWash™ Technology 21 Kg + 3.5 Kg

WR24 FlexWash™ Technology 21 Kg + 3.5 Kg


4.0 (1)
  • Front Washer (21Kg) + Top Washer (3.5Kg) + Dryer
  • AddWash
  • EcoBubble & Bubble Soak

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Multiple Loads, All-in-One


Our new FlexWash™ with an additional washer on top is a complete laundry system that flexibly handle any type of laundry. From small to large loads, delicates to everyday items, or even the unexpected items, you can wash them all at the same time, or even separately.

Multiple Loads, All-in-One Multiple Loads, All-in-One

Powerful Bubble Action Outstanding Performance

EcoBubble™ Technology

EcoBubble™ technology delivers powerful cleaning, even at low temperatures. Detergent is turned into bubbles, so it quickly penetrates fabric and removes dirt easily, while protecting the fabric and saving energy.

Powerful Bubble Action Outstanding Performance Powerful Bubble Action Outstanding Performance

Refresh Your Clothes with Air


Air Wash technology deodorizes and sanitizes clothes and bedding, so they always smell fresh. Using just super-hot air, unpleasant odors, bacteria and allergens are removed without boiling or using chemicals.

Refresh Your Clothes  with Air Refresh Your Clothes  with Air

Intensive Stain Removal

Bubble Soak

With the touch of a button, Bubble Soak technology helps remove a variety of stubborn stains. Clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles, so dirt and stains are loosened and removed effectively.

Bubble Soak Bubble Soak

Take Control Anytime, Anywhere

Smart Control

Smart Control, Take Control Anytime, Anywhere Smart Control, Take Control Anytime, Anywhere

The Samsung Smart Home app is available for Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 or later. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. * Download Samsung Smart Home from the App Store or Play Store to use service. * FlexWash™ washing machine requires Wi-Fi connection for Smart Home app service.

Less Noise and Vibration

Even at high spin speeds and with full loads, VRT Plus™ technology keeps the washer balanced and quiet.

Less Noise and Vibration Less Noise and Vibration

Eco Drum Clean

The cleansing cycle sanitizes the washer with hot water and blasts away built-up residue in the diaphragm with powerful jet streams.

Eco Drum  Clean Eco Drum  Clean

Digital Inverter Technology

The Digital Inverter Technology gives you long-lasting, reliable performance. Less noise, less vibration and less wear and tear – it even has a 10 year warranty.

Digital Inverter Technology Digital Inverter Technology


  • Washing Capacity: Front Load + Top Load (kg) 21 + 3,5 kg
  • Bubble technology Bubble technology
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD) 686x1192x864 mm
  • Net Weight 140 kg



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