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He hunts alone 🐅Catch these magnificent beasts in action #withGalaxy📷: @shaazjung #GalaxyS21Ultra
Same season. Different scenery. Here’s what Fall looks like through the lenses of the world 💛 Where would you like to jet off to?📷: @jacj77 #GalaxyS21Ultra@travel.m1_ #GalaxyS21Ultra@jonasferlin #GalaxyS10Plus@kingofvisuals_ #GalaxyS20@leoricardo7 #GalaxyS10
Guess where these were shot in our comments & share #withGalaxy what this gorgeous season looks like on your side of the world 🍂 📷: #GalaxyNote20Ultra@taylancidam #GalaxyS21Ultra@hasanilkay #GalaxyNote10
Galaxy x 88rising: The Weekend by BIBI | Filmed #withGalaxyShoutout to all the fans featured in #BIBI’s music video, “The Weekend” 🔥 @nakedbibi 📸 @artbynips 📸 @gisaorsa 📸 @juxmei📸 @cis.rr 📸 @samanthason📸 @_sasha_sashimi_ 📸 @swayamclicks 📸 @boreneoux📸@da__creative__mind34
Galaxy x 88rising: Split by NIKI | Filmed #withGalaxyShout out to all the fans featured in #NIKI’s new music video, “Split” 🔥 @nikizefanya#nikizefanyaCheck out the the full version on YouTube!📸 @christinamhuynh📸 @jordanofff📸 @lonlando📸 @ytivod📸 @cojiesaaannn
👦🏻 Kids of Paradise,a short film by Sha Mo.Watch now on YouTube! Link in bio.🎬 #KidsOfParadise📸 Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra
A magic hat that changes everything? Sha Mo, up & coming Chinese director behind ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, films a short film entirely #withGalaxy S21 Ultra. Dropping soon.
Celebrating #Diwali with this stunning low-light shot by @audiphotography at a ceremony in Chikmagalur. “Light plays such an important role in my work - So come Diwali, a day celebrating light, I’m thankful for the ability to use it to show off Rangoli art and Indian culture.”Shine light on the Indian culture through your photos and videos #withGalaxy - we’re here for it!📷: @audiphotography #GalaxyS21Ultra
Happy Halloween!Embark on your Halloween Horror Adventure on our Stories now — beware and choose wisely… 💀📷: @prodigyeveryday #GalaxyNote20Ultra @gaia_kwon #GalaxyS21Ultra@peonysus2nd #GalaxyS21Plus@sy_6_2 #GalaxyS21Ultra
🎃 it’s spooky szn 🎃As the lights dim down, get ready to capture spine-tingling content #withGalaxy! Are you team Trick 👻 or Treat 🍬?📷: #GalaxyS21Ultra@neogeo212 #GalaxyS21Ultra@m.visuals #GalaxyZFlip3@quynhlaze #GalaxyZFlip3
Spooky Night Street Photography Learn how to shoot spooky night shots in the city with Mike Will, in our new Master It episode, link in bio 👻 #withGalaxy #GalaxyZFlip3
Third and final chance to appear in an official music video!! This time it’s “Split” by @nikizefanya. Show us the worlds you feel split between. Maybe that’s home. Maybe that’s the road. Maybe that’s a place from your past. 1. Share photos/videos of your worlds 📸 2. Tag #withGalaxy + #88rising + @samsungwithgalaxy#NIKI
Watch now on YouTube. #PrincessAndPeppernose A short film by Joe Wright. 🎬 #PrincessAndPeppernose📸  Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra
From Joe Wright, the director of Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, and Darkest Hour, comes a personal project:Princess & Peppernose A short film inspired by the love of puppeteering and the craft of filmmaking. 🎬 #PrincessAndPeppernose📸  Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra
🌚 Princess & Peppernose, a short film by Joe Wright. Watch it now! Link in bio.🎬 #PrincessAndPeppernose📸 Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra
Introducing a new short film by a great creative mind. Stay tuned for more 👀🎥  Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra
Prioritise your well-being in every moment of life.This #WorldMentalHealthDay, show love & appreciation not only to yourself, but to those around you. Head over to our Stories for simple ways to do so 🤍📷: @s21ultraphotos #GalaxyS21Ultra@adhilzakeer_ #GalaxyM30s@travel.m1_ #GalaxyS21Ultra@mihaibalta.fotograf #GalaxyS21Ultra
This upcoming #WorldMentalHealthDay, @justinliv has some golden reminders for all of us:⭐️ Never forget your starpower ⭐️ Think of all the gifts you bring to those around you ⭐️ See yourself through the eyes of your loved ones What are some mantras you live by? Let us know #withGalaxy and check back here tomorrow for more positive vibes!
Fallin’ in love with Fall 🍃➡️️🍂 Hit ‘Save’ to catch and hold major Autumn feels 😌📷: @pureromania #GalaxyS10Plus@ghazy_noor #GalaxyS10@erumja #GalaxyS20Ultra
The greatest love stories never hide in the shadows.New trailer for a filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra production. Coming soon 👀🖤
A whiff of pumpkin spice latte. Crisp air. Crunchy leaves. All amongst a sea of ❤️🧡💛Head to our Stories for more Fall inspo and show us #withGalaxy all the things you love about this season 🍁📷: @aczacate #GalaxyNote10
It’s time to get up-close and personal with your favourite critters! Zoom in #withGalaxy and wow us with your shots 🙀 📷: #GalaxyNote20Ultra@thesatarsisters #GalaxyS9Plus@a_star__photography #GalaxyS8Plus@moneef20010 #GalaxyS8Plus@rachlitravels #GalaxyS20Ultra
Wonder which animal is secretly your twin based on your photography style? Scurry over to our Stories to find out now 🤭 Rep your animal twin with their emoji 🐯🦎🐶 in our comments below and tag your friends to discover theirs too!📷: @xperialover #GalaxyS4Zoom@matphotography03 #GalaxyS20Ultra@do_yeobeeeeeee #GalaxyS21Ultra@rjp_emp #GalaxyNote10Lite@jo.mansour.90 #GalaxyC9Pro
Picture Perfect Portraits Thank you for celebrating the real you in all its glory #withGalaxy📷: @toleen_essam #GalaxyA52@JPAnleu #GalaxyS21Ultra@maneemejai #GalaxyS21Ultra@alex_pro_portrait #GalaxyNote10
Last call to celebrate your culture and style with @nakedbibi and @88rising by being a part of #BIBI’s official music video for “The Weekend”! Show us the looks that represent who you are. 🔥1. Capture photos or videos of your style on your Samsung device2. Share and tag #withGalaxy + #88rising + @samsungwithgalaxy3. Follow @samsungwithgalaxy📷: @cis.rr #GalaxyS8@yct.maria #GalaxyS10@da__creative__mind34 #GalaxyNote8