Supercharge Your 30-Minute
Yoga Flow With Galaxy

Yoga instructor Cat Meffan shares her favourite workout-boosting tools and tips.

Cat Meffan in a Warrior I pose on a black yoga mat in a bright living room

The thought of practising yoga at home without the hands-on guidance of your instructor might be intimidating at first. But elevating your studio-free practice is more attainable than you think. We called on yoga instructor and influencer Cat Meffan to guide us through a 30-minute yoga sequence, powered by Galaxy.

Cat’s yoga tips for
maximising your practice

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Ready to put Cat’s tips into practice? Click here for the full 30-minute routine, or
scroll down for a shorter version.

Cat Meffan kneeling on a black yoga mat in her living room

A beginner-friendly,
feel-good flow

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Raise the bar

Elevate your workout with a family of fitness essentials that is always in sync.

Cat Meffan sits cross-legged with her eyes closed and palms facing up in a meditative pose


Cat Meffan

Yoga teacher, fitness blogger and YouTuber from London.

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