How to connect Mobile Device on Samsung Gear VR?

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

Before you can start using your Gear VR to maximise your virtual reality experience, you need to connect your Mobile Device to the device.

Connecting your Mobile Phone

Please note:
• Do not forcefully insert, twist or bend the connector into the Mobile Device. Doing so may damage the connector
• Ensure that the Mobile Device is firmly inserted into the Gear VR and the device holder is locked by sliding the switch to the lock position. If not, the Mobile Device may accidentally separate from the Gear VR and be damaged
• If sound is not emitted when inserting the Gear VR's connector into the Mobile Device, it is an indication that the Gear VR is not recognising the Mobile Device. Unlock the Mobile Device's screen before using the Gear VR

1 Pull the device holder (right) to the right thoroughly ( 1 ). Then,push the device holder (left) gently ( 2 ) and slide it to positionA or B ( 3 ) depending on the size of the mobile device's screenyou want to use.
Connect Mobile Device on Samsung Gear VR
2 Unlatch the device holder (left)
3 While the Mobile Device is on, connect it to the connector onthe device holder ( 1 )

The mobile device will emit a sound when it is connected tothe Gear VR properly

Insert the Mobile Device into the centre of the Gear VR andgently push the Mobile Device until it locks into place ( 2 ). Thedevice holder (right) will return to the previous position andhold the Mobile Device ( 3 )
Connect Mobile Device on Samsung Gear VR
Separating your Mobile Phone

Please note:
• Replace the front cover when you finish using the Gear VR

Separate the mobile device from the Gear VR when you finish using it.

Pull the device holder (right) to the right ( 1 ), and remove the mobile device ( 2 ).

Separate Mobile Device from Samsung Gear VR

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