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Climate Solutions to Suit Your Business

Samsung has an outstandingly efficient climate system perfectly tailored to the needs of your business – no matter what industry you are in.

Inviting Retail Spaces

Samsung helps you make each customer experience pleasant and comfortable. Create a welcoming shop environment with consistent cooling that reaches every corner, and stylish design that will not detract from the products on display.

Exceed Guests’ Expectations

Samsung helps you give your guests the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction. With our flexible climate systems, guests can control the air settings in their rooms, while you maximise efficiency by managing common areas using a centralised control.

Maximise Workplace Productivity

The climate of your office greatly impacts your staff’s productivity. Samsung systems combine stable temperature control, flexibility and silent operation – helping your team achieve the best results, while boosting efficiency and lowering expenses.

The Perfect Dining Experience

Restaurants need efficient ventilation to eliminate heat and odours from the kitchen and keep the air in the dining area fresh. With designs that suit any interior, Samsung enables you to create the comfort and ambience your patrons deserve.

A Productive Learning Environment

Educational facilities must have healthy and comfortable conditions which foster learning. Samsung’s user-friendly systems make comfort control easy, using stylish designs and quiet operations to seamlessly integrate throughout your entire facility.

Find an Installer

Samsung partners are climate specialists specially trained to meet all of your air care needs. Find one close to you.

About Samsung Climate Solutions

Samsung is revolutionising the world of air care with award-winning climate systems that are recognised worldwide for their innovation and efficiency